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1997 buick AC Can you change the clutch with out taking the unit off the car and compromising the AC compressor?

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yes but a very special tool is needed

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Is it hard to change a clutch in a Volkswagen jetta?

hell yeah its hard,is taking a transmission out of jetta hard if so clutch will ...

Can you change the clutch on a Honda Goldwing 1500 without taking the motor out?


How do you change a clutch in a 1977 international gas 574 tractor?

I would recommend taking it to a car/tractor shop.

How do you change the clutch in a 1994 Saturn SL1?

ok here we go i called the dealer and they wanted $1200.00 2 put the clutch in my 96 i did it my self with out taking the tranny out.i bought the clutch for $250.00 and 4 hours of can do ityourself if your inclined.Here's the thing cut the clutch tool in half that comes with the clutch.And Now install the clutch.

Is taking off the restriction plate out of the clutch in your scooter safe?

no. no it is not

How do you check the pressure of a fridge compressor?

Checking the pressure of a fridge compressor is easy. Remove the compressor and give it a shake. After taking the compressor off it should make a sound while shaking that means itÕs still good if the compressor makes no sound that means it has went bad.

Does a 89 Honda civic needs oil for the clutch?

it dont need oil unless your taking the whole clutch out and replace it. fluid

How do you adjust the clutch on 92 escort?

there is a self adjusting mechanism fixed to the clutch pedal that actuates wen pedal is depressed taking up the slack in the cable compensating for clutch wear hope this is of help to you

How do you repair a clutch on a 91 Ford Festiva?

Depends on what exactly is wrong with it :) Unless it is about simply replacing or adjusting the clutch cable, replacing the clutch involves removing transmission out, which means taking the axles out etc.

How do you replace the air compressor on a 1989 Chevy Cavalier Z24 with a 2.8L engine?

There are three 13mm bolts on the front of the compressor and one 10mm bolt on the back. the rest is recovering the froen, taking the lines off, there is a plug on the back of the compressor.

How do you change the clutch on a 1994 Peugeot 106 XND?

This is a BIG job. I sugest taking it to a garage inless you have a lift and special tools. Clutch change is graded three spanners by Haynes difficult but not impossible - since you ask the question here I guess that means you don't even have a Haynes manual so probably are best taking it to a garage. Peugeot estimate 4 hours for gearbox removal and refitting - make that 8-12 for the average DIY mechanic doing it for the first(hopefully only) time. Try a clutch clinic. Given the age of the car is it worth it?

Clutch sticks down when driving once in a while why?

May be clutch cable sticking, clutch lever on the gearbox sticking or the actual friction plate in the clutch sticking on the shaft. the latter would probably mean taking the gearbox out to check. The clutch lever on box is easily oiled but usually the return from a clutch is great enough to pull it back but check anyway.

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How does the air conditioner compressor on a 1993 Chevrolet Astro come apart?

I am wondering how the compressor on my 1993 Chev Astro comes apart, I have someone who will repair this for me but he is unsure as to what is involved by taking it apart.

Why does your van sound like a jet taking off as you accelerate?

The fan clutch is locked up.

Why does My 2000 Suburban sounds like an airplane is taking off?

The cooling system fan clutch is frozen and locked up. Replacement of fan clutch is necessary to correct the problem.

What are Clutch Moments on NBA 2K12?

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Why a manual car shakes when taking off?

Worn clutch? Pressure plate may have a weak spring

What is wrong if a 95 Opel Frontera when taking off while the RPM is still low gets this slip like the gear or clutch has sliped?

Sounds like you need a new clutch. Or at the very least the clutch pedal free play needs adjustment.

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Is there a way to replace the AC clutch coil without removing the compressor from a 1993 Topaz with front wheel drive?

This is possible, as long as you can get the c-clip off. Small space to work in. Most times because of the small space, its better to just have the system drained at the garage, remove the pump from underneath by taking the torsion bar support plate off, change the dryer, add the upgrade oil from r12 to 134 special oil, the auto parts will have it, and fill with 134. What you have to be careful of if you are trying to take the clutch out while pump still on engine, is that the clutch will not want to come of, so you pry it with a bar, and the the seal blows, and there goes all the r12, and now you have to replace the whole pump.

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How do you adjust the clutch on 2002 Hyundai Elantra?

To adjust the clutch on a 2002 Hyundai Elantra the fluid needs to be bled. Taking a tube and container filled partly with clutch fluid place one end to the tube on the release valve located on the slave cylinder and another in the container. Pump the clutch pedal and keep the reservoir full, this will rid the clutch lines of any air creating a stiffer pedal.

How do you remove a water pump from a 1997 Nissan Altima without taking out the AC pump?

You don't have to disconnect the A/C compressor, but you do have to unbolt it and drop it out of the way. There are four bolts facing the front of the car holding the compressor in place.