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1meter 75cm is how many inches?

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1.75 meters or 175 centimeters are 68.897638 inches.

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How many inches are in 50 cm and how many inches are in 75cm?

There are 0.394 inches in 1 cm. Therefore 50cm= 19.69 inches and 75cm= 29.52 inches.

How many inches make a 1meter?

There are 39.37008 inches in a meter

1meter equals how many inches?

1 meter=39.37 inches

How tall is 1m 75cm in ft and inches?

1m 75cm is 5 feet 8.9 inches.

What is the formula to convert meters into feet and inches?

1meter = 3.28084feet 1meter = 39.37inches 1meter = 3feet 3.37inches

What is 75 cms in inches?

75cm= 29.5275591 inchesor29.53 inches

0.46meter equal to how many inches?

1meter=36 inches so 36x0.46= 16.56 inches Best of luck Qaiser

How many 75cm to how many meters?

There are 0.75 meters in 75cm.

How many inches are in 75cm?

There are 29.52755903 inches in 75 centimeters. 75 centimeters x 0.393700787 inches/1 centimeter = 29.52755903 inches 1 centimeter = 0.393700787 inches

How many inches in 1meter?

(1m) x (100 cm/m) / (2.54 cm/inch)

In 75cm how many inches?

2.54 cm = 1 inch 75 cm = 75/2.54 =29.53

What is 1.2 plus 75cm?

1.2 what? Kilometres? Inches? Dogs?

75cm equals how many inches?

If you look at a ruler 12 inches= roughly 30 cm. So 75 cm = roughly 30 inches. 75 cm = 29.53 inches

How many inches does 10m equal?

10meters x (3.28ft/1meter) x (12inches/1ft) =393.6inches

How many cm are in 3 quarters of a meter?

First, work with the unit conversion:1 meter = 100cm3 meters = 300cmNow, we work with the fractions:4/4 (1 or whole) = 300cm1/4 (of 300cm) = 300cm/4 = 75cm3/4 (of 300cm) = 75cm * 3 = 225cm (answer)Alternatively:1/4 (of 300cm) = 75cm3/4 (of 300cm) = 300cm - 75cm = 225cm (answer)3/4 (of a meter) = 0.75m100cm = 1metertherefore: 0.75m has 75cm in it.am surprised at the way you answer this question compared to the question asked.please clarify if you mean different from what I understand.

What size is 98x75 cm in inches?

98cm x 75cm = 38.6in x 29.5in = 1,138.7 inches.

What is 1meter 40 in feet and inches?

1 meter 40 = 4 feet 7.12 inches.

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