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2.4 cavalier engine swap to 2.2?

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Where are the spark plugs located on a 98 Chevy Cavalier Z-24?

same as with a 97. under the aluminum cover on top of the engine.

Can you swap a cavalier engine with a doge neon 2.2 engine?

Well yes you can swap any engine into any vehicle that you choose. Swapping in the neon motor would require the PCM, wire harness, motor, trans, and possibly the key switch ( if your neon had the SKIM anti theft system, unless you go stand alone fuel management and eliminate the stock PCM ). The funny part about this is that Im considering the opposite dropping a chevy 3.1 and 5spd from a 89 cavalier z-24 into my 2001 Plymouth neon. I just think the chevy motor is way more reliable then the the 2.0L.

What are the engine specs for a 1993 Chevrolet Cavalier Z-24?

If it is the 2.2 liter engine, then: 110 horsepower, 130 lbs/ft torque. If it is the 3.1 liter engine, then: 140 horsepower, 185 lbs/ft torque

Where can you find an engine diagram for a 1993 Chevy Cavalier Z-24?

http://www.v6z24.com/howto/locations try this site for help..good luck www.autozone.com

What are the release dates for Wife Swap - 2004 Ridgely Corrao 2-24?

Wife Swap - 2004 Ridgely Corrao 2-24 was released on: USA: 1 May 2006

How do you make 24 with 22 23 24 25?

(23 + 25)/(24 - 22) = 48/2 = 24

What is the ratio 22 percent to 24 percent?

22 percent to 24 percent = 11:12 = 22% : 24% = 11 : 12

What is 22 times 24?

The product is: 528

How is starter wired up on 88 Chevy cavalier z-24?

call me and i can show you 8042430981

What engines interchange to a 97 Chevy Cavalier with a 24 dohc?

This is pretty much trivial and up to you and how much work you want to put into it. obviously any of the other base model cavalier engines in the same "generation" interchange easily ie: 2.2l l4 ohc, 2.4l dohc, possibly an Ecotec engine if you have a newer generation Cavalier. the truth is every engine requires some bit of customization with harnessing and wiring and such as long as you can fit the engine in the compartment and on an appropriate transaxle, so whatever engine you want you'll have to build around it with that engine's electronics, specs, etc ...

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ratio: 24% : 22% = 12 : 11

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Does a Chevy cavalier Z 24 have a timing belt?

it has a timing chain. its not a honda.

How do you make 24 with 22 13 9 5?

It can be: (22)+(13+5)/9 = 24

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