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I have a 2000 XKR convertible but it only have 1 lighter. It also did not work with the cell phone charger. I tried several adaptor and finally found one that would engage the contacts and charge. It was from Advance Auto Parts and it was one that has a cord and lets you connect 3 devices to the one connection.


2011-10-20 17:29:27
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Fuse box and number for cigarette lighter in 2004 s type jaguar?

where is the fuse box in jaguar xjr 2004

How do you replace the cigarette lighter on 2003 jaguar x-type?

Fix the lighter? HA! Just buy a new Jaguar.

How do you remove an alternator in a 2000 jaguar?

The alternator in a 2000 Jaguar is a tight fit. You will have to remove the motor mount, oil filter, and filter adapter, then jack the engine up slightly to have clearance to remove the alternator.

What relays are in the trunk on 2003 jaguar?

I'm not sure about all of the relays, but that is where the cigarette fuse is, if your cell charger won't work it is probably the fuse located in the trunk.

What size fuse for a jaguar s type cigarette lighter?

Fuse No. 32 (Yellow) 20 amps, in the passenger fuse compartment on the right side trim panel in the footwell.

What fuse box and fuse number is for the cigarette lighter in a 2003 Jaguar s?

The shop manual did not give the correct information for our XJ8. My son found the correct information in the Jaguar XJ8 Vehicle Care Handbook that was in the glove box in our Jaguar.On page 4-20 Roadside emergency service - Luggage Compartment Fuse Box - lists Fuse Number 5 as the Cigar lighters Circuit. It is a 25 amp fuse. It located in the trunk (the boot) on the passenger side under the trunk floor carpeted panel. You need to pull up and out the larger trunk floor panel first. Then you will be able to access and remove the panel that houses the Fuse Box and the car's battery.Remove the top cover of the fuse box and on the inside of the cover you will find the list of fuses and the circuit they cover.By the way, this question was also answered in Cigarette Lighters, Jaguar XK8 section of WikiAnswers webpage. here is question title: What fuse box and fuse number is for the cigarette lighter in a 2001 Jaguar XJ8?Here is the answer:it is in the luggage compartment #5 a 25 amp fuse go to the store and buy a package ( $2.50 for 5) as they do not give you a spare of that size. It is listed as " cigar lighter" and it burns out pretty easy so the package of 5 is nice.Below is my original answer to this topic question which is incorrect, but maybe useful if you need to locate a fuse in these other fuse boxes. There 2 fuseboxes located in the rear seating area (1 on each side of the rear seat).The Cigarette Lighter fuse is in the heelboard fuse box- right hand side. This fusebox is located under the front of the rear seat on passenger side section. The heelboard is a panel between the bottom front of the right rear seat cushion and the floor carpet. You have to loosen the round plastic fastener located near the top center of the panel by turning it 90 degrees and pulling the panel forward.

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