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Usually hesitation is caused by lean fuel condition. Most electronic problems will show up in a computer diagnostic scan, but low fuel pressure won't really throw a diaagnostic code, so that's a potential problem. The fuel line will have a test port. Find a fuel pressure gauge and see what kind of pressure you have. You'll need to look in a reference book or ask the dealer what should be the right fuel pressure. If it's low, check your regulator first. If the regulator is ok, check the fuel pump next.

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1991 ford ranger 2.3 liter changed throttle position sensor computer ICU modular checked timing and started runs at 3000rpms will not kick down with pedal cable on or off throttle body and its closed?

Most likely it's a vacuum leak.

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87 ford econoline van died while driving won't restart changed all distributor items and modular?

have you had your battery and alternator and starter checked?? what about your fuel filter fuel pump does the car still have gas???? i know stupid question but dumber things have happened. yousaid you replaced alle the distributor parts that included cap, rotor, rotor button, what about sparkplugs, plug wires all your filters i.e. air, pcv. also when you did the cap and rotor did you get the timing right???? if not it wont start if after checking all that you still have nothing i would suggest a trip to the shop

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1989 Buick century starts hard and when driving stalls changed fuel filter fuel pump crank sensor ignition coil modular what else?

I'm in the same position with a '93 century, had the same problem with my old '89 olds cutlass with the 3.3 or 3300 motor. the best I can tell so far is that one of the parts previously replaced is bad (you can get the ignition modular checked at O'Reillys or simillar) or there is a short somewhere in the wiring - posibly the fuel pump or ignition systems. Sorry that's where I'm at.

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modular means that it blocks all other processes (ie. a modular window will not allow you to proceed until you close the window)

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