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On the Mercedes ml320 you should be able to ground the o2 sensor to the body of the car. Just find an unpainted section and stick its ground wire on. If this does not work, try adding an isolation capacitor between the grounding pin and chassis as well. If this still doesn't work, got to the dealer.

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How do you earth a computer?

Most home or commercial building wiring uses 3 prong power outlets. One of the pins on a plug SHOULD be the ground/earth wire.If the power cable was created properly, the computer should be properly grounded (earthed) when it is connected to the main power through that plug...HOWEVERIf there is any doubt as to whether your power outlet has a built in ground connection, you can connect a single (12 GA or 14 GA) wire to an iron or copper pipe in the home or drive a grounding rod into the ground outside the home and connect the wire to that. Run the wire to the computer and place a crimp-on lug to the end of the wire, then connect it to the computer chassis using one of the screws on the back of the computer.

How do you connect a ground wire for a light fixture?

Connect the ground wire from the light fixture to the ground wire in the ceiling box.

How do you ground a computer?

Grounding an electrical or electronics device commonly refers connecting it's power inlet ground pin to the ground connection of the power outlet. The power outlet ground connects to the ground connection provided by the electricity utility company or the building's common ground connection. The grounding essentially provides a zero volt reference. Many systems which have a metal chassis provide specific grounding points with screws/nuts to connect grounding wire. To ground chassis of a computer one need to connect ground wire to the metal case.

What does it mean to ground an object?

To ground an object means to connect it through a conductor to the ground, or Earth. Grounding is a way to prevent an electric charge from building on an object, or to get rid of an electric charge.

Do you have to Connect both fixture and house ground wires?

If you're asking whether you have to connect the fixture ground to the house ground, you do. The idea is to connect any exposed portion of a metal fixture to ground, keeping anything you would be able to touch from having a hazardous potential on it. The way to do this is to connect the fixture ground (which is connected to the metal chassis) to the building ground (which comes from your electrical panel).

What does it mean to ground a charge?

It means to connect it to ground (earth).

How do you connect wire to a breaker?

If you are connecting 120 volts, you connect the black wire to the breaker, white wire to the neutral bar, and ground wire to the ground bar. If you are connecting 240 volts connect the black & white wires to the breaker, & ground wire to the ground bar.

How do you connect a CD-ROM directly to an electric socket?

To do this, you need a power adapter (a computer power supply will work great for this). The Drive will have a molex connector on the back for +12 VDC, ground, ground, +5 VDC. Connect a molex connector to that drive with the proper voltages, and the drive should power on. However, it won't be much good without connecting it to a computer motherboard, or drive controller.

What do you do when you can't connect the ground wire to the fixture?

you can ground it to the fixture electrical box.

What ground clearance does the 2013 Ford Transit-Connect have?

The ground clearance of the 2013 Ford Transit-Connect is 0 ft. 7.2 in. (7.2 in.).

What ground clearance does the 2010 Ford Transit-Connect have?

The ground clearance of the 2010 Ford Transit-Connect is 0 ft. 7.9 in. (7.9 in.).

What ground clearance does the 2012 Ford Transit-Connect have?

The ground clearance of the 2012 Ford Transit-Connect is 0 ft. 7.2 in. (7.2 in.).

What ground clearance does the 2011 Ford Transit-Connect have?

The ground clearance of the 2011 Ford Transit-Connect is 0 ft. 7.9 in. (7.9 in.).

How do you connect the new fixture with one black and white cable if the old fixture has 3 bulbs with individual black white and ground wires?

Connect the white and black wires back on to where the other black and white wires connected. There should also be a green pigtail coming out of the fixture which will be the ground. If it has a chain, then the wire running through the chain will be the ground wire.

What to do with ground wire on exhaust fans?

Connect the ground wire to the exhaust fan housing.

How do I rewire an ungrounded plug?

If there is no ground wire connect the ground wire to the neutral wire.

Where do you connect the battery ground cable?

To your vehicle chassis.

What is the g in a megger test?

It is the terminal on the megger that the ground cable connect to when testing a device to ground.

Where does ground wire connect to gauge panel on 1981 corvette?

there is no ground in a car electrical system.

How can scientists measure the ground around a volcano before an eruption?

sensors and thermal images

What is the data for a volcano?

seismogram tiltmeter- see how much ground has lifted gas sensors

What happens when you connect live wire to ground wire with a light bulb will it light up?

Yes, the bulb will light up.However, and this is critical, it is illegal (at least in the US and Canada) to connect a load between hot and ground. You have to connect the load between hot and neutral. (Or between hot and hot.) Ground is reserved for protective earth ground, i.e. chassis or frame ground, and you are not allowed to pass operating current on ground.

How do you connect rails in minecraft?

WHen you place 2 rails next to each other on the ground, they should connect

What would cause no voltage through the entire car after transmission change?

Forgot to connect ground cable? Shorted Fusable link battery + cable not connected

Do you connect the ground cable from your car to the ground cable from your stereo or connect the ground caple from the stereo to metal in your car and leave the other wire loose?

If your connecting a stereo, it's always best to ground directly to the negative side of the battery: however you can connect to a ground under the dash also. Some autos have a ground block at the fuse panel that can also be used but you will need a spade connector. your cars body is the ground.connect the stereo ground to a metal part of the car,leave the battery connected to a ground,engine should also be connected to a ground