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Well, a model 39 .22 implies to me that it may be a Cooey or Winchester/Cooey. The only thing is Cooey never put serial numbers on their rifles. Winchester did after they bought Cooey around WW II. So therefore I would say post 1964 for your rifle.

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What year was Marlin 22 cal. Mod39 serial 9926 Manufactured?

Somewhere between 1916-1925.

What year was model 1894 serial no 804400 in cal 30 WCF in very good condition manufactured? The year of manufacture for serial number 4013761 is 1974 -j.

What year was a Springfield manufactured by J Stevens Arms Co 22 cal s l or lr model 52-a manufactured if there is no serial?

before 1955 gun under 100 in value did not need serial numbers

When was a colt lightning 22 cal manufactured serial number 62146?

about 1902

What year was the model 780 marlin 22 cal serial number 24613039 made?

The first two numbers of the given serial number indicate the year the gun was manufactured. In this case, the gun was made in 1979.

Reminton model 12-a 22 cal serial 441655 how old is it?

Manufactured 1919.

I have a P-08 Luger 30 cal serial number 1199 has a coat of arms on it has a 6 barrel what year was it manufactured?

look on top of receiver, just behind barrel and you will see manufactured date

What is the manufacture year of a Winchester pum p action octagonal barrel 22 cal Model 990- Serial 667775?

Your Winchester Model 1890 serial number 667775 was manufactured in August of the year 1920. Bert H.

What year was a smith and Wesson 32 cal top break made in Spain serial 684 manufactured?

could be late 1800's to early 1900's

When was The Marshall a 22 cal 9 shot revolver manufactured by High Standard Mfg Corp with serial 2393693?


What year and what cal is this browning serial no 16158px117?

The caliber will be marked on the Barrel, the year made is 1983

Winchester 3855 cal model 1894 serial 42xxx what year was it made?

In the year 1898.

How do you find out what company manufactured an M1 US Carbin Cal 30 MI serial number 4167596 and what is its value?

The manufacturer's name is stamped just in front of the serial number.

Can you tell when a Ivers Johnson Enforcer 30 cal carbine was manufactured from the serial number?

If sn data has been published, yes.

What is the age of a Winchester Model 62A 22 cal serial no 239700?

Your Model 62A was manufactured late in the month of June 1948.

When was The Marshal a 22 cal 9 shot revolver with serial number 2374537 manufactured by High Standard Mfg Corp?


When was a colt automatic 25 cal sn OD 86753 manufactured?

Junior Colt .25 with that serial number was made in 1973.

When was Remington 721 cal 270 serial 125163 manufactured?

Your Remington model 721 was produced from 1948-1962. If you can supply the 2,or 3 letter code on the barrel we can pinpoint the month and year of production.

What is the year of a govt model colt 45 cal serial c235830?


What is the Year of manufacture for colt automatic 45 cal serial 74380?

about 1914

What year is a colt huntsman 22 cal serial number 130821c?

about 1960

What year is serial number G27379 for a Colt Peacemaker 22 cal?


What year was colt's manufacturing company 38 cal revolver serial 94764 made?

38 cal colt's revolver sn 94764 what year was it made?

What year is Winchester model 03 .22 cal automatic rifle serial 85675?

The year of manufacture for serial number 85675 is 1914.

How old is your Remington pump 44 cal with serial?

Which model, serial? if after 1920 check the date code stamped on the barrel. Remington Society of America, Manufactured Date link has the details.