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A drop of water behaves like a Convex Lens.

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Q: 2 What type of lens does a drop of water behave like?
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What does the water drop behaves like concave or convex?

the water drop behaves like a convex lens

What part of the eye does a water drop act like?

The cornea or lens of the eye.

How fast can urine drop in temperature?

It's mostly water, so it'll mostly behave like water.

Is lens a prism?

No. But small sections of lenses behave like prisms.

Can a drop of water be used as a magnifier?

Yes.Just pour it over a glass and it'd act like a convex lens.

Fisher's appearance in thin water?

Fisher's appearance is a gel like lens. The lens are water plastic.

Can light be like an energetic water?

Some characteristic of light behave like water, but not many.

Does a water bubble act as a lens?

it depends upon the level of water which produces the bubble. when there is less water,the bubble acts like a lens

An air bubble in water will act like concave or convex lens?

YES. It will act as a convex lens.

Is toothpowder a solid or liquid?

Does it look and behave like water? If not, it is a solid.

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What do eardrops feel like?

Like a drop of water usally