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hit em up, i think that's the one, i only found it out by asking people on chatroulette

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2pac died before Biggie Smalls

Because 2 PAC got shot in the head in the elevator by robbers but he didn't die so he got confused and he thought biggie smalls did it but he didn't so 2 PAC and his friends shot biggie smalls in a car.

they both suck the answer is insane clown posse ma facaaa yeah right. ICP neva dun anything. it goes Eminem, Pac, Biggie, Jay-Z, Nas

no1 is sure but he was the supirme suspect

Think about your question... If Tupac died in 1996 and Biggie died in 1997, how could he possibly killed him?

The truth about Tu-Pac and his un-timely end will never fully be uncovered but a good Dvd is "Biggie and Pac" which gives u a different point of view to what really happened.

the case is unsolved no one nose who killed him some ppl think that biggie smalls was involed there was no fingerprint on the gun to prove who shot him or no fingerprint no dandruff sample they have no clue we don't know how the person have shot 2 PAC with out touching the gun they could of used something hard to trigger the gun i think the person was a man named biggie smalls at a club 2 PAC was alone wit biggies gf and i have no idea how biggie found were 2 PAC was and they even said that biggies print touched the gun but they say that it wasnt him cuz he was not in the car but it was his fingerprints on the gun so idk who murdered 2 PAC

2 pac, biggie smalls, eminem, dr.dre, jay z, krs-one, and snoopdogg

2 PAC died ,Notorious B.I.G. died aswell. don't really know anymore .

tupac shakur has sold more than one hundred and twenty million records.

M.C Hammer - The fugees- Outkast- Eminem 2-pac - biggie smalls - dr. dre just to name a few

10. F-ck wit Dre Day Eazy-E Diss- Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg 9. Wanksta Ja Rule Diss- 50 Cent 8. NY 87 East Coast Diss- 2Pac & Tha Dogg Pound 7. Second Round K.O. LL Cool J Diss- Canibus 6. Ice Cube Killas Ice Cube Diss- Cypress Hill 5. Westside Slaughter House Common Diss- Westside Connection 4. King of the Hill Cypress Hill Diss- Westside Connection (with out W.C.) 3. No Vaseline N.W.A. Diss- Ice Cube 2. Real Muthphukkin' G's Dr. Dre Diss- Eazy-E & B.G. Knocc Out/ Dresta 1. Hit 'em Up Notorious B.I.G. Diss- 2Pac

He's 5'11. Biggie is 2 inches taller than Jay z. Jay z is 6'1 and Biggie is 6'3. The picture of 2pac and biggie makes Pac seem 6 feet but take the shoes off and he would be 5'11. But his height in his drivers license says he's 5'10. So he was around 5'10 - 5'11.

Here are a list of some sad rap songs: 2 Pac-Can U Get Away Big L-Deja Vu Eminem-Stan Eminem-Like Toy Soldiers 2 Pac-Wonda Why They Call U Bitch Ahmad-Back in the Day 50 Cent-Best Friend Mos Def-Auditorium Mos Def-Ms. Fat Booty The Game-My Life The Game-Runnin' Kanye West-Roses Kanye West-Heard 'Em Say Kanye West-Slow Jamz Kanye West-Through the Wire 2 Pac-Late Night 2 Pac-Brenda's Got a Baby 2 Pac-Keep Ya Head Up 2 Pac-So Much Pain 2 Pac-Dear Mama 2 Pac-Cradle to the Grave 2 Pac-Pour Out a Little Liquor 2 Pac-Me Against the World 2 Pac-Skandelouz 2 Pac-Run tha Streetz 2 Pac-Do For Love 2 Pac-Unconditional Love 2 Pac-Loyal to the Game (feat. Treach and Riddler) 2 Pac-Hold Ya Head 2 Pac-White Manz World 2 Pac-Just Like Daddy 50 Cent-Many Men Gang Starr-Betrayal Scarface-On My Block Scarface-Smile Ice Cube-Why Me? Ice Cube-It Was a Good Day Nas-Heaven Nas-Hope Nas-Not Going Back 2 Pac-Baby Don't Cry Jay-Z-Imaginary Player Jay-Z-Bring It On Jay-Z-Can't Knock the Hustle Jay-Z-Hard Knock Life Jay-Z-I'd Do Anything For You Jay-Z-Young Forever Jadakiss-By Your Side Master P-Goodbye to My Homies Master P-Bourbons and Laces Jay-Z-Dead Presidents II Lil Wayne-Dear Summer Ghostface Killah-Do Over The Game-Hate It or Love It The Game-Dreams LL Cool J-Loungin' LL Cool J-Luv U Better LL Cool J-Hey Lover O.C.-Far From Yours Willie The Kid-You Willie The Kid-Friends and Money AZ-Rather Unique 2 Pac-Ghetto Gospel 2 Pac-God Bless the Dead Jay-Z-History Lil Wayne-I Feel Like Dying Jay-Z-I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight Dr. Dre-I Need a Doctor The Game-Killa Kali Dr. Dre-Let Me Ride Royce Da 5'9-Life Nelly-Luven Me Notorious BIG-Juicy Notorious BIG-Mo' Money Mo' Problems Notorious BIG-Things Done Changed Notorious BIG-Me and My Bitch 2 Pac-Monday Morning Gang Starr-Moment of Truth Jay-Z-Never Change Jay-Z-Song Cry Eminem-No Love Big L-Now or Never Beanie Sigel-Remember Them Days Beanie Sigel-Oh Daddy Jay-Z-Where Have You Been The Game-Ol' English 2 Pac-Playa Cardz Right Jay-Z-Regrets Ludacris-Runaway Love 2 Pac-Runnin' Notorious BIG-Sky's the Limit Notorious BIG-Suicidal Thoughts Nas-Surviving the Times Tha Realest-The Good Lyfe Xzibit-The Foundation 2 Pac-The Good Die Young 2 Pac-Black Jesuz 2 Pac-They Don't Give a F*** About Us Jay-Z-This Can't Be Life The Outlawz-Thuggin' Til I Die 2 Pac-To Live & Die in L.A. Ace Hood-Top of the World O.C.-Can't Go Wrong 2 Pac-U Can Be Touched Eminem-When I'm Gone 2 Pac-When Thugs Cry Ja Rule-Where I'm From Jadakiss-Why T.I.-Why You Wanna Master P-You Don't Know Me

Pac-Man - 1982 The Super-Pac Bowl Journey Into the Pac-Past 2-2 was released on: USA: 24 September 1983

1. what is a PAC 2. What are PACs 3. How do you PAC

Pac-Man - 1982 The Great Pac-Quake Hocus Pocus Pac-Man 1-2 was released on: USA: 2 October 1982

B.I.G killed 2 PAC because everybody was saying that B.I.G was crap and 2 PAC was really really good he was the best singer so B.I.G got cross and he killed 2 PAC with his gang .....and when thay killed 2 PAC .....2 PAC's gang went and killed B.I.G ....and then thay both died..........

2 pac is mike tyson cousin but 2 pac is christian the he convert his religion to izlam

2 Pac is a better rapper than Eminem

biggie smalls has a daughter and a son with the daughter being the oldest and his son was bout a few months when biggie died

Pac-Man - 1982 Super-Pac vs- Pac-Ape P-J- Goes Pac-Hollywood 2-7 was released on: USA: 29 October 1983

you cant PAC man world 2 is only 1 player

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