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2 times a month = two months, 16 times a day equals 16 days...

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Q: 2 times a month 16 times a day?
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1 time in a year 2 times in a month 4 times in a week 16 times in a day?

' ODD ' numbers. In a Day, there are 6 ODD hours. In a Week, there are 4 ODD days. In a Month, there are 2 ODD weeks. In a Year (12 months), there is 1 ODD number. By Jana

What happens 4 times a week 2 times a month 1 time a year but never in a day?

Your question is wrong. It should be: What occurs 4 times in every week, 2 times in every month, 1 time in a year but never in a day? The question should be interpreted as What occurs 4 times in "every week", 2 times in "every month", 1 time in "a year" but never in "a day"? The answer is the letter "e", which occurs 4 times in "every week", 2 times in "every month", 1 time in "a year", but does not occur in "a day".

What is the answer of once a year 2 times in month 4 times in week and 16 times in year?

If you have once a year, you cannot also have 16 times in a year.

What ll come once in a year time Month lo 2 times Week lo 4 times day lo 6 times?

Year lo 1 time Month lo 2 timesWeek lo 4 timesDay lo 16 timesvachedi enti?

How Many Bananas are ok For a 16 month old to eat in a day?


How many times does 2 go in to 32?

2 goes into 32 ... 16 times

How much should a 2 month old Yorkie eat?

3/4 a cup 3 times a day or 1/2 cup 3 times a day

Why did you have your period 2 times this month?

Why did i have your period 2 times this month?

How many times to walk an 8 month golden retriever per day?


How many month equal 160 hours?

160 hours is 6 days and 16 hours, which is about 0.22 or 2 ninths of a 30 day month.

How much does a 1 month baby normally poo?

Every day, several times a day. Expect the diaper to be changed 2-5 times a day depending on feeding habits.

How much does 42 go into 100?

2.38 times or 2 times with a remainder of 16.

Does Justin Bieber brush his teeth twice a day?

No he does not brush his teeth 2 times a day Only 3 times a month TRUE CHIZZ!!

Yearly once monthly twice weekly 4 times daily 16 times occurs what is it?

In a day we have 6 odd hours,in a week there r 4 odd days,in a month there r 2 odd weeks n these appear once in a yr

How many times would a monarch butterfly cross the border of a country in its journey from Canada to Mexico?

2 times when migrating from Canada to Mexico

How many times does 18 go into 300?

16 and 2/3 times

What comes 1 time in a year 2 times in a month 4 times in a week and 6 times in a day?

Ok its great its E.but the question asked is wrong.

How many times does 18 go into 94?

5.2222 times.

How often should a 7 month old puppy poop?

At the very least once a day, but 2-3 times a day is more normal.

What is half of 13 16ths?

13/32 13 16th (or 13/16) divided by two is the same as 13/16 times 1/2 13/16 times 1/2 is the same as (13 times 1)/(16 times 2) (13 times 1)/(16 times 2) is 13/32

How many times a month do you plow a garden?

1 or 2 times each month

How many times does 12 go into 198?

16 and 1/2 times.

What is 16 minus 2 times 2 times 4?

Applying BODMAS: 16 - (2 x 2 x 4) = 16 - 16 = 0

What is the answer to -2 times -2 times -2 times -2?

(-2)4 , or 16.

What is the product of two consecutive square numbers is 144?

They are 9 times 16 = 144