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yes. after three tests I'm sure. They are very accurate these days.


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No. When your blood turns brown it usually means that your period is ending, or that your menstrual calendar is changing (the time that your period starts and ends).

It depends on the blood if it was a heavy long period then you probably arent, but if it was a light brown/pinkish blood then it might be implantation blood meaning you are pregnant

Hello. Yes you could be pregnant. If the bleeding is brown then this is old blood and a sign of pregnancy or a approaching period. I get this myself when my period is late. If the bleeding was a normal period then its unlikely your pregnant but definitely do a test to be certain. Take care.

start my first period 8/8/12 and it stop 8/14/12 and my period start up on 8/26/12 and my period is a pink brown color

It isn't uncommon for the blood to be brown when you first start your period, especially if you are five days late. If there is a chance that you may be pregnant, a home pregnancy test can be taken.

yes it is possible this has happen to me recently i had missed my period wasn't really sure if i was pregnant but i had morning sickness then finally i took two pregnancy just to make sure they both came back positive and two days later i was spotting and it was brown blood

go see a doctor ANSWER BY XxPINKPRINCESSxX Hi did you take a pregnancy test did it come up positive? If not how did you know that you are pregnant cause if it came up negative and your thinking your pregnant then got your period your not pregnant right!!! If you got a positive pregnancy test then got a little bleeding it could be Implantation bleeding which is nothing like a period. It can be pink/brown/red thick/stringy. It can happen from 1 to 3 days . 1 in 3 women get it . If you got a positive pregnancy test then got a period then you have to go and see a doctor. You could be having a period while pregnant which is common for most women. My story is I got Implantation bleeding didn't get a pregnancy test 2 weeks after I came on my period I could be pregnant or I could be not. some girls have periods while pregnant and they don't know

It sounds like to me that you have started or are going to start this period soon. Have you had unsafe sex recently? If you are concerned about being pregnant, get a pregnancy test or see a doctor.

it is common for pregnant women to 'spot' this is also known as a false period. If you are worried, talk to your OBGYN.

No your not pregnant. You can only be pregnant if you miss your period completely.

iv had pink blood for only one day? like ,only a coulpe of seconds i haven't started my period in 2 weeks know could i be pregnant!!

if the pregnancy test was positive then you are pregnant. Sometimes there will be a really faint line that disappears before the test is complete. If it was positive unless you have a normal RED discharge you should still be pregnant. There is a lot of pain and cramping with a miscarriage. It is normal after becoming pregnant that you would discharge old blood that wasn't used by the embryo.

yes. I had light brown spotting when my period was due and I was pregnant!Normally it is considered implantaion bleeding. Brown blood, is old blood so it is normally fine.

You might be pregnant, but it's not likely. More likely, you are just experiencing uterine bleeding as a result of the hormones getting out of your body.

It could be that you are pregnant, although more likely that you were pregnant and then miscarried. Do a pregnancy test and if positive, see your Dr.

No, you are most definitely not pregnant.If there is any bleeding, whether it be abnormalor not, it is a sure indication that you are notpregnant.yes you could be. that bleeding could be implantation bleeding. take a test

Yes, it is normal for a period to have different shades of blood. The brown is blood dried blood and the red is new.

It sounds unlikely that you are pregnant. Even with positive results, it is best to wait the full 8 weeks before visiting your doctor. You may have had a light period.

The fact that you had a period suggests that you're not pregnant, however this isn't always the case. the brown spotting could simply be the blood drying.

lm 11 and half weeks pregnant with brown blood just started.

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