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no it will cause them to much pain

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Q: 2 yr old boxer can you still have her tail dock?
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What age to cut a boxer's tail?

Boxers should have their dock (cut) when they are a few days old. Some people considered docking to be cruel and it is illegal in some countries. Actually, it is unneccissary to dock a boxer's tail unless if it is going to enter in a dog show.

If i adopt a 6 week old boxer puppy with an undocked tail should i take it to the vet or will it be to late to be docked?

If you adopt a six-week old Boxer puppy with an undocked tail, there is no need to take it to the vet, it is to late to have the tail docked.

What is the oldest age for a boxers tail to be docked?

The oldest age for a Boxer's tail to be docked is five days old.

do old english bulldogs have tails?

Usely the tail are dock some owners keep the tail and yes sometimes they do curl.

Do Old English Bulldogs have curly tails?

Usely the tail are dock some owners keep the tail and yes sometimes they do curl.

Is three week to old to dock a puppy tail?

Yes, 3 weeks is too old to dock a puppy's tail. Normally this procedure is done between the ages of 2-5 days old. You can have it done at 3 weeks but now it will be a major surgery where the puppy will have to be sedated and the tail docked and sutures put in. It will cost a lot more too.

Can you dock a poodles tail at a year old?

you can, but the poodle would be in a lot more pain than a 3 to 5 day old poodle. i wouldn't.

Is Muhammad ali still a boxer?

no he has Parkinson's disease now and is an old man.

When do you dock a dogs tail?

Your Vet should be able to tell you, but most Vets agree on between 2-7 days old.

How to dock a mature pups tail?

An Orthadontic band is placed at the end of the puppies tail at 24-96 hours old . this cuts off the blood supply to the end of the tail , which comes away within 3 days.

How do you dock tails?

when the pup is around 5 days old you tie an elastic band round theyr tail and the tail will fall off. that's all i know but check first.

Can a 3 week old boxer puppy have their tail docked?

No, 3 weeks old is too old for a puppy to be docked. Puppies need to be less than four days old to have this operation.

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