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3.4 sfi smell raw fuel?

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you have a gas hoseline or other type leak. fix it!

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Where is fuel pump on 97 Monte Carlo z-34?

Its in the fuel tank. Drop the fuel tank .

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What steps should be followed to remove the thermostat on a 1996 Chevy lumina apv with the 34 l 3400 sfi engine?

I had to remove the air intake to get to it.Easy then.

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You have 97 Toyota T100 with 3.4 and you get a gas smell in your garage when the fuel tank is full The smell goes away when the tank is under 34 full Any ideas why it is doing this?

1. New gas cap. Plastic screw assembly to cap may be old/cracked. 2. Overfilling. There is a drain hole inside cab next to fuel filler tube. This can cause gas to stay inside housing until fumes evaporate. Need to check/repair. Fumes are EXPLOSIVE!

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How big is fuel tank in Chevy 2500?

After 2000, if it is a short bed, then 27. A long bed will have 34.

What is the fuel tank capacity for a 1988 Chevy K2500 extended cab long bed?

34 gallons.

2001 Chevy silverado fuel gauge will show empty after I have filled the gas tank. When I start to drive it will start to work sometimes. It seams to fix it self when the fuel lowers to about 34?

You fuel float my have a hole in it or be fuel logged.Replacement is advised.

What is the psi on a 1990 mazda626 fuel pump?

fuel pump maximum output pressure is 64-85 psi however the actual operating spec with fuel pressure regulator vacuum disconnected is 34-40 psi.

What is the fuel tank capacity on a 1991 Ford F-150?

34 gallons 17gallons per tank

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