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30 dollars a hour is how much a year?


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$62,400 per year, full time.

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about 30 dollars an hour. so sbout 70,000 a year

up to 30 dollars an hour!!!!!!!!!!!!

you make about $26 to 30 dollars an hour. you make about $26 to 30 dollars an hour.

I would pay $5.00 an hour for one child and $10.00 an hour for two children

(Dollars per hour) times (hours per week) times (number of weeks you work in a year (52?)) = annual pay.

All I know is they get paid $21 - $30 dollars an hour. I don't know how much they make in a year, but you can do the math.

Working 40 hours a week 5 days a week at 30 dollars an hour you would make 62400 dollars a year $30x40x52=$62400 Therefore 64k a year is 30.769230769 an hr.

On average they make 30-40 dollars an hour

about 7 dollars an hour. minimum. 30 at the most. :)

That would be $39,000 before taxes, benefits, 401k, etc.

A good constuction worker averages from 30 dollars an hour up to 55 dollars an hour. how much is that a year? the reason im asking im traing right now.

Usually 30-50 dollars an hour

Around 30 dollars per hour.

Between 30 and 60 dollars an hour.

Assuming you work a 30 Hour week, with 2 weeks off a year, 30 * 50 = 1500 29148 / 1500 = 19.432 19.432$/hour. I hope that's in Pounds or Euros and not dollars.

I would say 30 dollars and hour

30 dollars an hour i think........

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