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30 = Jumps in the Grand National

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Q: 30 equals J IN THE G N?
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How is 30 J in the G N?

Jumps in the Grand National

1 G N equals?

-1 is the G N I

What times 27 equals 81?


What has the author G N J Gilbert written?

G N J. Gilbert has written: 'Engineering data on malleable cast irons'

What comes next Y S N J G?

E E-G--J---N----S-----Y E (F) G (HI) J (KLM) N (OPQR) S (TUVWX) Y Thats how i figured it out ^^^

What is 30 percent of n equals 9?

n = 3030 percent of n equals 930% * n = 930%/100% * n = 90.3n/0.3 = 9/0.3n = 30

What is n if 30 times n equals 120?


Y S N J G?


What has the author N G J van Schouwenburg written?

N. G. J. van Schouwenburg has written: '\\' -- subject(s): Bible, Criticism, interpretation

What is the c code for multistage graph?

#include<stdio.h> #include<conio.h> int G[50][50],n,i,j,h,k; void FGraph(); int findR(); void main() { clrscr(); printf("\t\t\tmultistage graph"); printf("\n enter the no of vertices:"); scanf("%d",&n); printf("\n there is a edge between the follwing vertices enter its weight else 0:\n"); for (i=1;i<=n;i++) for(j=1;j<=n;j++) { G[I][J]=0; IF(I!=J)&&(i<J)) { printf ("%d and%d:",i,j); scanf(%d,&G[i][j]); } } FGraph(); getch(); } void FGraph() { int cost[50],d[50],p[50],r; for(i=1;i<=n;i++) cost[i]=0; for(j=n-1;j>=1;j++) { r=findR(j+1); cost[j]=G[j][r]+cost[r]; d[j]=r; } p[1]=1;p[k]=n; for(j=2;j<k;j++) p[i]=d[p[j-1]]; printf("%d-",d[1]); for(j=2;j<n;j++) { if((d[j]==d[j-1])(d[j]==0)) continue; if(d[j]<=n) printf("%d-"d[j]); } printf("%d",n); } int findR(int cu) { int r1=n+1; for(h=1;h<=n;h++) {if((G[h][cu]!=0)&&(r1==n+1)){ r1=j; continue; } if(G[h][cu]!=0) { if(G[h][cu]<G[r1][cu]) r1=h; }} return r1; }sorry i have answerd in c++

What is the answer to n plus 18 equals 30?

N+18=30. Subtract 18 both sides N=12

Is the solution of 25 plus n equals 30 greater than 30?

It depends on the value of n.

What is n plus 3x6 equals 30?


The letter which best completes the sequence below is: Y S N J G?

Eyou count backwards.Y to S = 6S to N = 5N to J = 4J to G = 3then G to E = 2

15 x n equals 450 what is n?

450/15 = 30

N plus 3 times 5 equals 30?

1. n + 3*5 = 30 2. n + 15 = 30 3. n + 15 = 30 - 15 -15 n = 15

Letter sequence Y S N J G?


What are the violin notes for jingle bell rock?

this is not correct F F F F F F F G A G F F F G F A N D A A J B E D J I N G

What is n plus 24 equals 30?

It is a linear equation in one variable, n.

What is 30 plus n?

if you put in what the problem equals then it can be answered

How do you spell mango in Japanese?

m-a-n-g-o i-n j-a-p-a-n-e-s-e

Completes the sequence below Y S N J G?

The answer is E

What is the next letter in sequence y s n j g?


What does 30 DHS A J and N stand for?

30 Days has September April June and November

If 5n equals -25 what is n?