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My Chemical Romance Baby!!!!!=_= do you even have to ask lol

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Who are rock performers?

30 seconds to mars my chemical romance panic! at the disco black veil brides breaking benjamin skillet

A name for a emo band?

Fall Out Boy Hellogoodbye My Chemical Romance Panic At The Disco Paramore 30 Seconds To Mars Tokio Hotel and... Weezer

Who sings bad romance in the hillywood show eclipse parody?

30 Seconds to mars, Jarred Leto

What are some bands that have guitars in them?

Kings of Leon, linkin park, 30 seconds to mars, green day, Metallica, avenged sevenfold, Ozzy Osborne, My chemical romance, Paramore, etc, etc

What is 30 Seconds To Mars fan mail address?

30 seconds to mars fan mail

What are 30 seconds to mars' fans called?

30 Seconds To Mars' fans are Echelons.

30 Seconds to Mars the kill when did it come out?

"The Kill" by 30 Seconds To Mars was released January 24, 2006.

Is Jared leto in 30 seconds to mars?

Yes, Jared Leto is a member of 30 seconds to Mars. He is the lead singer.

What are the albums by 30 Seconds To Mars?

They have 3 albums: -30 Seconds to Mars (2002) -Beautiful Lie (2005) -This Is War (2009)

Who is the drummer for 30 seconds to Mars?

Shannon Leto is the drummer for 30 Seconds to Mars. His brother, Jared Leto, is the band's lead singer.

What band is called it's 30 seconds to?

The band is called it's 30 seconds to mars

Are 30 seconds to mars gay?

No! You are gay !

Is 30 seconds to mars a cult?


Is 30 seconds to mars a group?

Yes they are.

Is 30 seconds to Mars satanic?

No, there is no kind of satanic worshipping and nothing condoning anything remotely satanic in the message of 30 Seconds to Mars or their music.

Does 30 Seconds To Mars support the Illuminati?

No. The LA rock bank 30 Seconds To Mars supports the sales of 30 Seconds to Mars music. They have nothing to do with the defunct Order of Illuminati nor the fictitious conspiracy theories regarding a world controlling secret organization.

What genre is the band '30 Seconds to Mars'?

30 Seconds to Mars is a Progressive Metal/Hard Rock band, but is commonly referred to as Alternative and 'Emo'.

What was 30 Seconds to Mars first Album called?

The first album was named after themselves '30 Seconds To Mars', in other words, they haven't got a name for it.

What are the release dates for Down and Dirty - 2007 30 Seconds to Mars?

Down and Dirty - 2007 30 Seconds to Mars was released on: USA: 2007

What band is Jared Leto from?

30 seconds to mars :)

The kill - who sang it?

30 Seconds to Mars

What is olivers favorite band?

30 seconds to mars

What band is similar to 30 seconds to mars?


What is the official website of 30 seconds to mars?

Why are 30 Seconds To Mars breaking up?

They are'nt.

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