3 bros went fishing you see 1 and he says i got tired so i countd the fish there wasnt an even 3rd so i threw 1 away took my share and left each brother did the same thing how many did they start with?

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They started with 4.
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You had to go away for a business trip you forgot your pills you left on Sunday got home on Wednesday evening you firgured you should doulbe up for 3 days so you did that yesterday then again today?

Answer . The smart thing to do would have been to call your physician, have him or her authorize a local pharmacy to fill a portion of the prescription and you would have had your medication.\n. \nThe second smart thing to do would have been to call your physician and ask him or her whether it ( Full Answer )

Why do fish swim so well?

Answer . if they didnt a better swimming sharkwould eat them. Answer . because the better a swimmer you are the better you chances of getting food, getting females and avoiding predetors

Why fish lay so many eggs?

fish eggs and young fish tend to have many predators that want to eat them so many of them don't survive. By laying large amounts of eggs, adult fish increases the probabilty that one of those eggs will survive to grow into a full grown fish and reproduce.

Why do fish lay so many eggs?

Because in the wild 99.9% of them (or so) get eaten. So in numbers there is strength....and survival. IT IS SO LAME!!!!

Left nuva ring in fourth week i was feeling nausea so i took test was neg. then took ring out got period really heavy brown for 3 days. nausea ne thing i smell dizzy not hungry emotional. pregnant?

\nHi! Be calm. Actually the ring has estrogen in it, so the estrogen itself can make you nauseous. Were you feeling nauseous before the 4th week? \n. \nThe intensity of your period can change with birth control, so don't worry about it being heavy. Plus, you shouldn't get your period if you're ( Full Answer )

You were fishing but you got tired?

If you are not used to fishing, it is very possible that you willbe tired. It may be best to fish for short periods of time.

Why do fish die so fast?

Because the conditions in your aquarium are bad. Either give up trying to keep fish as pets or go and get some expert advice on how to do it properly.

Why do fish produce so many eggs?

Fish are the prey of a great many creatures. In order to survive they have to have a lot of children to ensure that at least two to replace its parents. lol make love

Why do so many fish occupy the grand banks?

The Grand Banks has so many fish because of the habitat. There areunderwater plateaus where the fish can flourish at various depths.The Grand Banks is a commercial fishing region near Newfoundland.

Why do fish die so quickly?

The biological clock of creatures, such as fish, typically do not span for very long as their bodies just aren't designed to last that long. Like us, their bodies become weaker and less capable and their brains become more frail with time. In other cases, it's because they are under threat of predat ( Full Answer )

Two reasons why fish lay so many eggs?

Many times the eggs are fertlized externally, so there are a large number of eggs to increase the likelyhood that an egg actually gets ferilized Because many species prey upon fish, if the fish have a large number of eggs, it increases the chance that some of the offspring live long enough to repro ( Full Answer )

Why are betta fish so mean?

Betta fish are 'mean' because in their wild native habitat they have to stake a claim on a territory in order to feed and reproduce successfully. They must defend this territory against other fish, and so they have become territorial in order to survive. They are not 'mean', becaues meaness involv ( Full Answer )

Why do fish have so many babies?

Because, if they didn't reproduce a lot they would be extinct considering the amount of fishing in some countries and the mammals that rely on them.

How many calories are in 1 slice of fish?

This question cannot be answered.....there are too many variables. A) what species of fish? B) how large is the slice? C) how has the fish been cooked (or is it raw)?

Why do fish die so early when you get them?

If your fish are dying soon after you buy them, it's probably due either to incorrectly acclimatising them, or else water quality.. When you buy fish, you should float the bag of fish in your tank for at least ten minutes so the water in the bag becomes the same temperature as the water in the tank ( Full Answer )

Is 3-in-1 oil safe for fishing reels?

Its is inevitable that sooner or later the angler will face a problem caused by breackdown or failure of tackle.Regular maintenance will help to prevent common tackle failures such as line breakage,cracked rings,reel corrosion,etc.U can use 3-in-1 oil that's perfect,or use TG's rocket fuel oil ,but ( Full Answer )

Why are Koi fish so expensive?

they Are so Expensive because they look like your mom....................... .. k ... i....r ..k

How big do fish have to be so you can eat them?

The size that a fish has to be before your can eat it will depend on what species of fish it is. There are different sizes for different fish, if you contact your local government you will be able to find the laws on fish sizing.

How many fish per 1 gallon?

That depends on the size of the fish. If they were goldfish, probably a lot. Maybe around 30 or so. If they are like blowfish, either one or none.

Got a fish tank about 2 weeks ago and all the fish have died started with 2 they died with in 2 days waited a week got 3 more 2 have dyed in 1 day why do your fish keep dying?

you have to start a 'cycle'....you can buy it (its actually called 'cycle') from the store and depending on your big your tank is...you can put the whole bottle in and it will start the right amount of bacteria your tank needs. Or you can get a few liters of tank water from a friend with an 'establi ( Full Answer )

Why does fish tast so nice?

Have you told your parents yet, otisman? . -TXTF . I hate the taste of fish. Just the sight of it makes me want to vomit. I prefer a nice big piece of juicy meat. Something I can really wrap my lips around. Just the whole experience of the texture, the feel, the juices..it's something I live for ( Full Answer )

I got a ten gallon fish tank so how many times you feed your fish?

The size of the tank has no effect on how often the fish should be fed. All fish should be fed at least twice daily but only as much as they can eat in 15 minutes. The size of the tank does have an effect on how many fish it will hold. A 10 gallon tank holds that amount when filled to the brim. Unde ( Full Answer )

Why are trout fish so small?

they are so small so they can get in tight area's and can hide and also them haveing a small body helps them get up the stream.

When you see lightning for every 5 seconds that pass before you hear the thunder the lightning is approximately 1 mile away. Why is this so?

When there is a lighting strike, we usually hear the sound minutes later but WHY IS THIS? This happens because light travels extremely fast approximately at about 3.00 times 10 8 km/s -1. it is way too much faster for air particles to get away from its way but it strikes the air particles apart an ( Full Answer )

Why do fish and frogs make so many gametes?

They are close to the bottom layer of the food chain. In order for the survival of the species, when they reproduce, they do so in the millions so that a few of the progeny will be bound to survive sometimes.

A pair of dice is constructed so that each die is marked with a 1 on one side a 2 on two sides and a 3 on three sides The dice are rolled Find the probability that the same number appears on each?

Let X be the number that is rolled P(X=1) = 1/6 P(X=2) = 2/6 P(X=3) = 3/6 Case 1 (2 ones are rolled) (P(X=1))(P(X=1)) = 1/36 Case 2 (2 twos are rolled) (P(X=2))(P(X=2)) = 4/36 Case 3 (2 threes are rolled) (P(X=3))(P(X=3)) = 9/36 Probability of same number appearing on each = ( Full Answer )

One thing that fish do not share?

one thing that fish don't share is behavior. every fishes behavior is different from other. i have a fish tank full of fish they all act different to me.

All of my fish just died so i go on WikiAnswers and all it says is the oldest fish is 49 years old how am i suppost to know what happened to my fish plus i only got them monday love and rockets emilia?

I think that it could be a problem with the water. Be sure to check the alkalinity of the water. Dont forget to maintain proper temperature. You should have an efficient filtering system involved. Never feed fish more than what it can takes. The amount of food the fish can eat within five minutes i ( Full Answer )

Why is fishing in antarctica so good?

There is no commercial fishing in Antarctic waters, or anywhere on earth south of 60 degrees South Latitude. However, these cold ocean waters are the most productive on earth.

Where do you find the 3 fish in Kingdom Hearts 1?

You're talking about where you have to find them on Destiny Islands, right? If so, go look all over the water at the shore. They look black, and you have to run up to them to get them. If it isn't the Destiny Islands, then I don't know what your talking about. Hope I helped! :]

Why do fish have so many colours?

Fish have lots of bright colors so that it warns other predators that it is poisonous even though it may or may not be.

If you and a boy are constantly saying the same exact things and have so much in common and you know that you both like each other is it a good match?

It can definitely go both ways. First off, if you guys are always saying the same thing and you have an overwhelming number of things in common, you have a good foundation. But this can just lead to really, really good friends. Don't just rely on things you guys have in common because people are ( Full Answer )