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3 major political parties in Canada?

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The three major political parties of Canada are Liberal, N.D.P., PC.

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The three main political parties in Canada are the Conservatives, the Liberals and the NDP. The Bloc Quebecois are another political party that has a lot of support from Quebec.

there are actually 5 major politial parties of canada. Conservatives: Stephen Harper Liberals: Stephane Dion Bloc Québécois: Gilles Duceppe NDP: Jack Layton Green Party: Elizabeth May

The three major political parties in Canada are: 1. Conservative (in power with a majority) - leader is Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada 2. New Democratic Party (forming the Official Opposition) - leader is Jack Layton 3. Lliberal Party of Canada (also in Opposition) - leader is Bob Rae

There are actually 3 - New Labour, Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats

The three main political parties in the election is Democrat, Republican, and Independent.

Components of political parties are 1.leaders members 3.followers

The three main nation-wide federal political parties in Canada are the Conservative Party of Canada, the Liberal Party of Canada, and the New Democratic Party (NDP). There is also the Bloc Québécois, a Quebec nationalist party which runs candidates exclusively in Quebec ridings, and is the third largest party in the House of Commons, ahead of the NDP. The Green Party is fairly prominent, but it does not currently have any members sitting in Parliament

Canada has no true deserts.

Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) Nepali Congress Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist-Leninist) These are the top 3 political parties but there are more.

In the United States political parties play a significant role in all levels of government. The two major parties, the Democrat & Republican political parties dominate the US State governments & the Federal government.Of all memberships, the Democrat Party has an advantage in registered members on a 3 to 2 majority basis over the Republican Party. The majority of voters in the United States however are "independents", with no official party affiliations. Even unions which tend to support the Democrat Party have no control on how their members vote in local, State & Federal elections.With all this said, the 2 major parties' candidates for offices of State Governorships, State legislatorships & Federal Government offices are the ones who are elected. The job the political parties have is trying to focus the independent voters on why their parties' candidates deserve to be elected. They fashion the issues at hand.

The 3 largest parties are Labour, Conservative, and the Liberal Democrats but there are two UKIP peers and many crossbenchers (independents)

9, 3 Quebec, 3 Ontario, 2 western Canada and 1 in Maritimes

3 major ones - socialist, communist-alternative, and monarchist. Each control a different coastal region - respectively: the north, the west, and the south-east.

1. Nominate Candidates 2. Inform and Inspire Voters 3. Ensure candidate quality 4 Help Govern 5. Act as Watchdogs

U.S. has MANY more then 3 political parties both statewide n national

President Washington advised that the US stay neutral (no fighting/wars),stay away from fighting in political parties, and stay out of debt. He warned about political parties and debt

1). A political party should fight in the elections. 2). It should prepare its programmes and policies. 3). Political party mould public opinion. 4). Parties provide people access to government machinery and welfare schemes.

Following are the disadvantages of political parties: 1. Lack of internal democracies within parties 2. Lack of transparency, hence leading to few ordinary workers to attain success. 3. Growing role of muscle and money power In parties 4. Parties do not offer a meaningful choice. For more information refer to page no. 83 and 84 of your NCERT textbook.

Election Manifesto are set of promises made by political parties to the people on account of an election. It works like this: "a political party through its manifesto says - if you vote for me then I will do this for you".Uses:1. Canvassing of vote for political parties2. Helps people to decide which party to vote for3. People get know what can they get from the parties in the next five years etc;But, DON'T ask me whether political parties keep up their word. You know the answer yourself.-Prathik Shetty

1. Party-in-the-electorate 2. Party organization 3. Party-in-electorate

The Conservative Party of Canada with a membership of 10 million nearly 1/3 of the Canadian population

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