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Q: 4 What are some new foods that are being produced in aquaculture in US?
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What is disadvantage of aquaculture?

what are some disadvantages of aquaculture

What foods are produced in michigan?

Some foods that are produced in Michigan include corn, wheat, milk, and chicken.

How can you use aquaculture in a sentence?

Aquaculture means raising food in an underwater "farm." Here are some sentences.We raised enough food by aquaculture to last for the winter.He tried aquaculture, but he couldn't make the plants grow.They raised seaweed by aquaculture.

Are compact disc players still being produced?

Yes some disc players are still being produced in the United States. There are not as many being produced as in 1988, when they were more popular, but some are still being produced.

When did organic food become popular in the US?

Food was grown organically until man-made synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides began being produced and used. It has become more popular since GMO foods started being produced because some people do not want to eat foods that are GMO.

What are some foods that were produced by the people during the gold rush?

Mule soup

What are some foods that are grown or produced in the northeast?

one is grapes,cranberry,maple syrup

What are some foods that being with the letter you?

Urgelia cheese, udon noodles and unleavened bread are foods.

What are some new foods?

There are millions of new foods that are being prepared daily. New foods to you are anything that you have not tried before.

Which of these is a benefit of aquaculture?

It reduces fishing pressure on some wild stocks

What foods are produced in Germany?

Frankfurters, berliners and rolls. These are only some, if you have others, please add.

What are the aims and objectives of Iceland foods plc?

Iceland Foods, PLC has several corporate objectives. Some of these include being a responsible retailer, and being the seller of pure foods.

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