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Sounds like your battery may be very low; if it turns over slowly when it eventually starts turning, definitely try jump starting or charging the battery and trying again.

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Q: 4 second delay before engine cranks 97 disco will not start?
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Where is the starter relay fuse on a Chrysler 300?

The fuse box under the hood. It is the #9 relay and when it starts to go bad there is a delay before engine cranks over.

What is the difference between 15 second delay and 8 second delay friction type detonators?

7 seconds of delay

What can cause engine light to be on sometime and sometimes transmission delay with soun-?

Mechanical breakdown of the engine can sometime cause transmission delay in the engine.

What causes the normal delay in transmission at the AV node What is the importance of this delay for cardiac function?

The delay occurs within the fibres of the AV node. It is important because it allows the atria to complete their contraction and empty their blood into the ventricles before the ventricles contract. There is a short delay (1 m/second) in transmission of the impulse to the ventricles.

What does delay mean?

Delay means a pause before an effect, the effect is not instant.

What can cause engine light to be on sometime and sometimes transmission delay with soun?

The engine light can come a vehicle for many reasons. If the transmission is having a delay, it could possible make an engine light come on.

What can causes delay in second pragnancy?


Why is there a delay before you hear an echo?

The delay is caused by the sound having to travel back to you.

Delay period in a diesel engine?

.002 seconds

What is delay of game in high school football?

On every play, as soon as the officials mark the ball ready for play, a 25-second countdown begins. This is known as the "play clock." If the offensive team does not snap the ball before the 25-second clock expires, they are penalized 5 yards for "delay of game."

Is a sour food or drink a day before your period will delay your period from coming out?

No this will not delay your period.

Is there a separate relay or fuse for the intermittent delay for the wipers on a 97 jetta your hi and lo wipers work but not the delay?

the delay on jetta wipers is different. the delay is adjustable. if someone set the delay very long, you will think the delay is not working. here's how to shorten the delay. turn the wipers to delay (one click DOWN on the stalk). immediately turn it back off and now turn it back on. the delay is the length of time you had the wipers off between the two on's. for a 3 second delay, turn the wipers to delay, immediately turn them off, wait three seconds and turn them back on. for a 6 second delay, turn them on, immediately turn them off, wait 6 seconds and turn them back on.

How do you spell two secoend?

The ordinal number is "second" and the adjunct (2 secondstime) is hyphenated "two-second."Example: There was a two-second delay before the channel changed.

What is post hot key delay?

A post hot key delay is a delay in your BIOS system after you have typed in or posted the hot key. In order to avoid the delay, type in " #o" before pressing the hot key.

What actors and actresses appeared in Seven Second Delay - 2006?

The cast of Seven Second Delay - 2006 includes: Cavan Clerkin Chris Langham as Harry Sally Phillips as Meredith Stewart Wright

Does this breadmaker have a delay timer so you can set it the night before?

The breadmaker has a 13 hour delay timer so you can set the machine the night before and have fresh bread in the morning.

What is that knocking noise coming from the engine?

If its gasoline it would be a problem in your head causing the piston to slap against the cylinder walls. If its a diesel engine then the knocking is caused by the .001 to .002 second delay between the fuel injector closing and the compression/combustion of the fuel

What actors and actresses appeared in 4 Second Delay - 1998?

The cast of 4 Second Delay - 1998 includes: Mike Binder Rigg Kennedy as Bob Woodward Scoot Powell as Ernie Kristen Shaw as Veronica

How can you play modern warfare 2 with wildblue?

yes you can but there will be a fraction of a second delay.

Can you explain what it means when it says 60 second or 120 second skip protection on the portable cd player box?

The song is played on a delay to account for skips so even if the cd skips you wont hear it due to the delay.

What are Filter Keys?

Filter Keys slows down the keyboard repeat rate (if you hold down a key, such as a letter, there will be a short delay after each letter appears). Filter Keys will also create a delay after you type each letter before you can type another letter. (This delay is typically half a second.) Hold down Shift for eight seconds to enable or disable Filter Keys.

How long can a rain delay last?

A rain delay can last up to three hours in some cases before being declared a rain out...

1993 Ford Ranger 3.0L when you turn ignition there is a click and about a second delay then the engine starts it only does this when cold not warm already replaced starter solenoid so what now?

resistance somewhere in starter circuit

What is meant by 'repeat delay' and 'repeat rate' in customizing the keyboard in windows 2000 operating system?

"Repeat delay" is the time between when you press the key and the letter appears for the first time, and when the letter appears for the second time. "Repeat rate" is how many times a second the letter is printed after the Repeat delay expires.

Does a 2000 Ford Ranger have delay switch when the timing belt breaks?

On a 2000 Ford Ranger the only engine that uses a timing BELT is the 2.5 liter four cylinder engine ( I have no idea of what you mean by a " delay switch " )

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