5 fastest flying birds

Updated: 10/8/2023
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Paragien Falcon is the fastest. Please improve on my answer the answer before me was vandalism.

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The Peregrine Falcon, is technically the fastest flying bird when diving. See related link for the fastest flying birds..

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Q: 5 fastest flying birds
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What are the 5 fastest birds and where do they live?

The number one fastest bird in the world is the road runner (look on youtube).

Are ducks anfibians?

no they are birds. it is split into 5 sectins mammals,reptiles, fish,birds,and anphibians. ducks are birds

Is the wild turkey one of the worlds fastest birds?

FalseThese are the top 5 fastest birds on EarthPeregrine Falcon (diving)White-throated NeedletailSpur-winged gooseRed-breasted merganserWhite-rumped Swift

Aircraft capable of traveling at Mach 5?

There are currently no aircraft capable of flying mach 5. The fastest ever flown was mach 3.1 by the SR-71 Blackbird.

An aircraft capable of flying 5 times faster than the speed of sound Mach 5?

Supersonic No. The fastest ever flown was mach 3.1 by the SR-71 Blackbird

What are birds movements?

It runs and then jumps and starts flapping its wings and then its off

How many birds die each day from flying into buildings?

About 1 billion birds are killed in the US every year so possibly, 5 to 10 billion birds per year. As for per day, possibly 1 to 10,000 birds.

When and at what age do baby birds start flying?

when it flaps it's wings and doesn't fall out of the nest anymore!

What small flying animal - they are about 5 centimetres long - feeds on the fresh blood of large mammals and birds?

You are describing the vampire bats, but all three species of vampire bats are somewhat longer than 5 cm.

How do you get 3 stars on Angry Birds 5 5?

Knocking all the birds

The five fastest birds in the world?

1. Peregrine Falcon 2. White-throated Needletail 3. Spur-winged goose 4. Red-breasted merganser 5. White-rumped Swift

List the 5 fastest speeds on earth?

Well, the fastest a cheetah can run is 112km/h. That's the fastest on record.