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5 ml is equal to 0.333 of a tablespoon.

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What is equal to 30 milliliter?

2 tablespoon is equal to 30 ml.

How many tablespoon equal 10 milliliter?

One tablespoon is equal to 15 mL, so 2/3 tablespoon will be 10 mL. It will be easier to measure if you have a teaspoon (which is equal to 5 mL), you will need 2 teaspoons to obtain 10 mL.

How many tablespoons equal one milliliter?

That is 1/15 of a tablespoon

1 tablespoon is equal to how many ml?

1 Milliliter = 0.06762788433 Tablespoonsand

One teaspoons equal how many millliters?

One teaspoon is equal to approximately 5 milliliters. One tablespoon is equal to approximately 15 milliliter. One ounce is equal to approximately 30 millilitres.

Which is bigger milliliter or tablespoon?

Tablespoon is 15 millilitres.

Does 5 cc equal 1 tablespoon?

No, 15cc is a metric tablespoon

What can tablespoon be converted into?

1 US tablespoon = 14.7867648 milliliter

How many tablespoon is 5 milliliter?

It's better to use a teaspoon to measure 5 ml. as one teaspoon is exactly 5ml. One tablespoon is 15 ml.

What is bigger tablespoon or a milliliter?

a tablespoon contains 15 ml of water.

How many teaspoons or tablespoons in one milliliter?

a teaspoon is approximately 5 ml, and tablespoon 25

Does 1 tablespoon equal 5 milliliters?

No, 1 tablespoon equals 15 ml.

Is 5 ml equal to 1 tablespoon?

No, it is not, 5 ml (milliliters) is equal to 0.338 tablespoons.

Is a drop of water equal to a milliliter?

5 pipette drops is equal to one milliliter... drops of water vary o-o

How many tablespoon are in 1 milliliter?

1/15 of a tablespoon in 1 ml.

How many tablespoons is in a milliliter?

1 mL = 1/15 (one-fifteenth) of a tbsp 1 tablespoon is equal to 15 millilitres

How many milliliter are there in a tablespoon?

15 ml is 1 tablespoon. Not exactly, but that's what is used.

How much tablespoon is 5 ml?

a tablespoon is equal to 3 teaspoons. 1 teaspoon is equal to 5ml. therefore 5 ml equals .33 or 1/3 tablespoons

Teaspoon equals milliliter?

1 teaspoon equals 5 mL. 1 tablespoon equals 15 mL.

5 ml equal tablespoon?

No, it equals 1 teaspoon.

Does 5ml equal a Tablespoon?

NO, 5 ml equals a teaspoon.

How many tablespoons are in an milliliter?

That is 1/15 of a tablespoon

How many tablespoons are equal to 5 mL?

1/3 of a tablespoon is 5 ml.

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