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Self-portrait of the young Rembrandt

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What was the role played by the social reformers for the upliftment of women?

The social reformers championed for the women's rights that helped in the upliftment of the women.

What has the author Winston White written?

Winston White has written: 'Beyond conformity' -- subject(s): Conformity, Reformers, Social conditions, Social problems, Social reformers

Who are social reformers?

A person or a group of persons who makes good changes in the society through slow and persistent hardworking are known as social reformers.

Why there was a need for social reformers?

there is always imperfecticity in our society.If analysed ,to be 100 people,then about 45 will be like abusers to society other 50 would be simple members and 5 of them woluld be social reformers who would be helping in protecting and uplifting the society....

Introduction to social reforms in India?

Introduction on social reformers of india

What three areas of social reform did reformers target?

social economic and department

Who are the present social reformers of India?

anna hazare

A large number of reformers particularly in the north felt slavery was the greatest social evil in the US these reformers were known as?


Settlement houses were founded in the late 1800s by?

Social reformers.

Who were the social reformers in the 1800s?

christopher Columbus George Washington

Who are the social reformers of india.give their names?

names of social reformers of India are raja ram mohan roy,Annie besant,ishwar chandra vidya sagar,vivekanand and syed.a khan......

What has the author Sarala Devi Chaudhurani written?

Sarala Devi Chaudhurani has written: 'The scattered leaves of my life' -- subject(s): Social reformers, Biography, Women social reformers, Nationalists

What has the author Olive Gilbert written?

Olive Gilbert has written: 'Narrative of Sojourner Truth' -- subject- s -: Biography, African American abolitionists, Abolitionists, Social reformers 'Narrative of Sojourner Truth' -- subject- s -: Social reformers, African American abolitionists, Women social reformers, Abolitionists, Women's rights, Women abolitionists, African Americans, Biography 'Narrative of Sojourner Truth - American Negro, His History and Literature -' 'Narrative of Sojourner Truth' -- subject- s -: Social reformers, African American abolitionists, Women social reformers, Abolitionists, Women's rights, Women abolitionists, African Americans, Biography 'Narrative of Sojourner Truth, a bondswoman of olden time' -- subject- s -: Biography, Social reformers, African American abolitionists, Women social reformers, Black Women, Abolitionists, African American women, Women abolitionists 'Narrative of Sojourner Truth' -- subject- s -: African American abolitionists, Slaves, Biography, Slavery, Abolitionists, African American women, African Americans, Social reformers, History

What is the Role of social reformers in eradicating the social eveils from Indian society?

White people are pure evil

Which of the following reformers outlined the social gospel book entitles Christianity and the social crisis?

Walter Rauschenbusch

By 1830 the most pressing social issue for reformers was?

The antislavery movement.

What were two brothers who were famous roman social reformers?

They were the Gracchus Brothers.

People and groups involved in the social welfare reform movement?


What has the author Juliette C Reinicker written?

Juliette C. Reinicker has written: 'Clara B. Arthur' -- subject(s): Biography, History, Social reformers, Suffrage, Suffragists, Women social reformers

What has the author Bonnie Greer written?

Bonnie Greer has written: 'Langston Hughes' -- subject(s): African American social reformers, Biography, American Authors, Social reformers, African American authors

What does mother Jones and Florence Kelley have in common?

All I know is that they were Social Reformers.

What is reformers knew that positive social change needs?

An educated public. ~APEX

What are urban reformers?

Urban reformers are individuals who aim to make a gradual change in society by empowering urban areas. Ideas are often rooted in social democracy.

Why did some reformers turn to the issue of women's rights?

Some reformers turned to the issue of women's rights because they believed that women, like men, had important contributions to make to American society. These reformers, who believed in an utopian society, believed every was equally capable to advance society.

The phrase social gospel refers to?

The efforts of some Christian reformers to apply their religious beliefs to new social problems.