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Area code 626 serves Pasadena, California, and nearby parts of the Los Angeles metro area. It includes dozens of ZIP Codes.

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Q: 626 area code what is the zip code?
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What is the Griffins zip code and phone number?

zip code is 54691 and phone # is 812-626-9701

Was area code 626 been changed for zip code 91748?

Rowland Heights and City of Industry, California, changed from area code 818 to 626 in 1997. As of 2012, there are no plans for further area code changes in the 626 area. Since southern California now has four area code overlays (new area code serves the same geographic territory as the old code, and existing numbers do not change), it is likely that, when 626 begins to run out of telephone numbers, it will add an overlay, rather than undergoing another split.

What is the ZIP code for area code 713?

There is no such thing as "the ZIP code" (singular) for an area code, since area codes are considerably larger than ZIP codes. You will need to look up the ZIP code for a specific address in that area code.

What ZIP code for Area code 479?

The area code 479 is for the state of Arkansas. A zip code is for a city or part of a city. By area code alone you cannot determine a zip code.

Zip code 93049 is for what area?

This is not a valid zip code.

What is the area code for the zip code 23401?

ZIP Code 23401 is Keller, Virginia, which is in telephone area code 757.

What area has the zip code 400212?

That is not a valid US zip code.

What area is zip code 38199?

That is not a valid US zip code.

What is zip code of riyadh?

Zip code of riyadh naseem area

What is the ZIP code for 832 area code?

The area code (832) is for the state of Texas. Within that area code there are 44 cities. You cannot determine a zip code by area code.

What is the ZIP code for Area code 614?

A zip code is for a town or a portion of a city. An area code is for a state or part of a state. An area code cannot determine the actual zip code location. The area code for (614) is for a large chunk of Ohio.

What ZIP Code corresponds to area code 202?

There are 300+ Zip Codes in area code 202, which is Washington, D.C.

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