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You have an exhaust leak. Either a busted manifold, bad gasket, hole in your exhaust system. You fix it by repairing the leak. Ignore this and you may end up killing yourself. Get this fixed ASAP, if not sooner. In the mean time drive with your windows down.

2006-08-14 02:05:35
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What would cause a headache when exhaust fumes enter the cabin when the heater is turned on a 1996 Buick Regal how can this be fixed?

Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas. It would be my guess that the fumes are entering all the time with the fan helping to circulate. My guess is that the catalytic converter is clogged. The indication of this is poor power, terrible fuel economy, and if you look under the car at night, a glowing red converter. VBD I don't know how to fix it but get it fixed because it sounds as though you are getting carbon monoxide poisoning which can kill.

Why are exhaust fans in kitchen fixed near the ceiling?

heat rises

Why do i smell exhaust fumes in my 260z?

There may be a hole in your exhaust system causing fumes to leak into the car. This can be dangerous and should be fixed immediately.?æ

What can cause squeaking noise from exhaust manifold after car has been running while?

squeeking from exhaust manifold is caused by a leak allowing exhaust gas to leak. it will only get worse as time goes on unless it is fixed

What are the symptoms of an exhaust leak in a 2001 Subaru Outback and how long can you drive the car with this issue Also what other issues will come up if it doesn't get fixed right away?

Generally, the engine will sound louder. If you take a rolled up rag (so you don't burn your hand) and hold it tightly over the exhaust pipe while the engine is idling, you will hear a sound like compressed air leak. How long you can avoid repairing it depends on how much you value your life. Leaking exhaust can enter the cabin and carbon monoxide in the exhaust is deadly. Leaking exhaust does no other specific damage to the car unless the hot exhaust blasts against something flammable or the exhaust system falls off.

How much do it cost to get the motor fixed for a 97 buick lesabre?

A bunch... why not just buy a Pontiac

Will an exhaust leak make my check engine light come on?

Possibly. What an exhaust leak will do is KILL you. Either from the Carbon Monoxide you inhale while driving or the wreck you are going to have when it puts you to sleep. Get the exhaust leak fixed ASAP.

How much is a loud exhaust ticket in California?

A loud exhaust ticket in CA can cause between $40 and $80. Sometimes a person can get the problem fixed and have the ticket dropped.

Your Buick Skylark's horn won't stop honking what do you do?

Just yank-out the fuse for the horn until you get it fixed.

Why my car sound like tractor?

You more than likely have an exhaust leak which can be deadly. Get it fixed ASAP.

How do you reset the abs light in a 97 buick?

The abs light is on because there is a problem with the system. It will remain on until the problem is fixed. Once the problem is fixed it will reset itself after it is driven.

what safet features does the GE 29.87 in Gas Fixed Cooktop have?

The GE 29.87 inch Gas Fixed Cooktop uses a downdraft exhaust system to pull smoke and steam from the area it is in.

How do you reset the abs light on a 2006 Buick rondezvous?

The abs light is on because there is a problem with the system. Until the problem is fixed it will remain on. Once the problem is fixed it will reset itself after a short drive.

Where is the horn relay located on a 1995 Buick riveria?

I had to have my horn fixed on my 1995 Buick Rivera and it is located under the air bag on the stering wheel. It was an $800.00 expense because they had to replace my air bag.

How much does it cost to get the engine fixed in a Buick rendezvous?

Getting an engine repaired on a Buick Rendezvous can range from $2,000 all the way up to $5,000 depending on who does the repair, as well as how much labor is involved.

What is causing thick white smoke from exhaust Geo Tracker?

Thick white smoke is caused when coolant gets into a cylinder and from there into the exhaust. It is a sign that if it is not fixed real soon, you will blow or burn up your engine.

What could be the problem with a 1998 Buick Century that starts smelling of gasoline inside at idle?

Leaking fuel. Get this fixed ASAP.

Will your car pass inspection with a bad exhaust flex pipe?

A car that has a bad exhaust flex pipe will not pass inspection in any state that requires it. The pipe will need to be fixed before the car is inspected or it will fail.

Why ventilators and exhaust fan fixed near ceilings?

'cause hot air always goes up so ventilators and exhaust fans are built near the ceiling to let out hot air and bring cool air.

Why would the exhaust manifold get Cherry red on a 93 Ford escort?

Sounds like a plugged catalytic converter. Or muffler resonator assembly. Either way, your exhaust is not getting out of your tailpipe at the rate it was designed to flow. You will ruin your exhaust valves driving it this way. Very expensive to repair, better get this fixed.

92 camaro had an exhaust leak I thought I fixed it but I think somewhere its still leaking could it possibly be a blown head gasket?

more than likely will be dumping alot of water to in the could be a exhaust manifold gasket

Is it worth buying a '72 Buick Skylark if the interior of trunk and underneath is rusted can this be fixed?

there could be flood damage, I would not recommend it.

Why are the exhaust fans in a kitchen fixed near the ceiling?

That way they catch all the hot air and vapour before pumping it out to a vent on the roof

Why do your 1988 Buick Electra stalls when driving?

Had the same problem, I cleaned my Mass Air Flow sensor ( with the recommended cleaner ) and IAC valve. While doing this , I noticed that my positive battery cable was seriously loose at the terminal. Although cleaning the sensors helped, I think my major problem was the battery cable....problem fixed. I'm now a firm believer in starting off with the battery in any troubleshooting procedure.

What would make smoke come inside from the passengers front side and out of the tailpipe?

You have an Exhaust leak, you need to get this fixed immediately. Carbon Monoxide can KILL.