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The monomyth is basically the quest of a hero. Here are the steps:


  • Call to adventure - This is where a need for a hero arises.
  • Refusal to Call - The hero decides that he doesn't want to be a hero. Often, the death of a loved one occurs because of this.
  • Supernatural Aid - The hero gets help from magic. Also, in some cases, they get help from a mentor.
  • Threshold Crossing - The threshold is a physical barrier that the hero must cross to continue with their journey. Usually, it is guarded by something like a monster or a riddle.
  • Belly of the Whale - The hero descends to a dark place where he learns about himself. What he has learned helps him to continue.


  • Road of Trials - This refers to everything that happens in initiation.
  • Meeting The Goddess/Woman as Temptress: The hero encounters someone (usually a woman) that tempts him or distracts him from his quest.
  • Atonement With Father - The hero must come to terms with who his family is. He must overcome it. (Example: "Luke, I am your father."
  • Apotheosis - Through this, he has changed and has become stronger. (Usually this is after the Belly of the Whale.) Often, this involves a sacrifice.
  • Ultimate Boon - This is the reward the hero gets at the end of his quest. Once he has it, he can go home.

(In this next part to the monomyth, the hero has choices between Refusal to Return, Master of Two Worlds, and Freedom to Live.)


  • Refusal to Return - The hero may enjoy the life he had on his quest and wants to continue with it. He refuses to return.
  • Magic Flight - Example: The hero runs out of the building just as it explodes.
  • Rescue From Without - Someone that you don't expect to help does. (Example: In The Odyssey, Athena helped Odysseus by moving arrows so they didn't hit him. This is a form of Rescue From Without.)
  • Crossing the Return Threshold - The hero crosses the threshold again to return home. It is usually easier to cross over again because the guardian is defeated or the hero has knowledge of the guardian.
  • Master of Two Worlds - (This is the stereotypical choice of a hero.) The hero chooses to be a master of both the adventure world and the normal world.
  • Freedom To Live - The hero decides that he wants to live a normal life. He gives up being a hero.
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  1. The Call to Adventure: When the hero is initially summoned to embark on a quest or journey.
  2. Refusal of the Call: The hero's initial reluctance or hesitation to accept the adventure.
  3. Meeting the Mentor: Encounter with a guide or mentor who offers wisdom, advice, or assistance.
  4. Crossing the Threshold: Hero's transition from the known world to the unknown and the beginning of their journey.
  5. Tests, Allies, and Enemies: Various challenges, helpers, and adversaries encountered by the hero.
  6. Approach to the Inmost Cave: The hero's approach towards the heart of their quest, facing their greatest challenges.
  7. The Ultimate Boon: Attainment of the ultimate goal or reward after overcoming obstacles and completing the journey.
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Q: 7 element of a monomyth and an explanation of what it is?
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