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89 Toyota pickup v6 engine anti knock sensor location

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Q: 92 Toyota pickup v6 engine anti knock sensor location?
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Is the coolant temperature sensor on a 94 Toyota pickup in the same location as a 90 Toyota pickup?

Yes, but only if they are both the same configuration, i.e. both 4 cylinder or both V6

Where is the crankshaft position sensor location on a Chevy 6.5 diesel engine?

where is the cranksensor on 1994 chevy pickup with a 6.5 engine

Where can you find the location of knock sensor in a 1992 Toyota Cressida?

If you have the 7MGE engine: Then the knock sensor is screwed into the engine block, directly underneath the intake manifold.

Need to know where the location is on a 2000 Dodge pickup for a 318 temperature switch?

The engine temperature sensor is under the alternator.

Does a 1989 Toyota pickup have a crankshaft position sensor?


Where is the intake air temperature sensor on a 92 Toyota pickup 3.0 v6 liter?

How do you replace engine coolant sensor in Toyota Prius 2008?


Where is the location of crankshaft sensor for a Chevy ck1500 pickup?

Need to know the year and engine size so we can answer correct. 1995 6.5

What is the location of the camshaft sensor on a 2001 Toyota Camry?

You can find it lower the valve cover on the side of the engine facing the firewall.

Where is the speed sensor located on a 1992 Toyota pickup?

in the right side the transmission

Is there a Speed sensor for 1992 Toyota pickup 5 speed?

According to the Toyota Dealer here, it's mechanical.

Crank sensor location on 1994 Nissan pickup?

inside motor