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probably a btoken connection to the antenna

2006-08-10 09:09:16
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How many lines are in one verse?

A verse is a stanza like a paragraph in the poem. It doesnt matter how many lines it consist of.

How is a line in poetry different from a stanza?

A stanza is a paragraph. A line is IN the stanza.

Consider the sixth stanza of A Valediction Forbidding Mourning below What is the most likely meaning of breach here?

A break separation doesnt break our love, it increases it

What is the plural for stanza?

The plural of stanza is stanzas.

What is the part of speech for stanza?

"Stanza" is a noun.

What is a stanza by stanza summary of the Wordsworth poem 'Daffodils'?

summary stanza 2 daffodils

A ballad stanza has four lines in every stanza what is another word for stanza?

Paragraph Quatrain

Rhyme scheme of a red red rose?

1st stanza: ABCB2nd stanza: ABCB3rd stanza: ABAB4th stanza: ABAB

Is rhyme scheme for the whole poem or every stanza?

It typically applies to an individual stanza, the rhyme scheme can change from stanza to stanza within the same poem.

Definition of a quatrain?

A stanza or poem of four lines. (Dictionary)A stanza or poem of four lines. (Dictionary)A stanza or poem of four lines. (Dictionary)A stanza or poem of four lines. (Dictionary)A stanza or poem of four lines. (Dictionary)A stanza or poem of four lines. (Dictionary)

How much fuel does a 2001 Nissan Stanza hold?

There is no 2001 Stanza. The Stanza became an Altima in 1993.

What are stanza poems?

There is no such thing as a 'stanza poem'. A stanza is a grouping of the lines in a poem, like a verse in a song.

Which part of an essay is a stanza most like?

Stanza is part of eassay or no.

What does the 6Th Stanza in The Raven mean?

Summary of the 6th Stanza of 'The Raven' by Edgar Allan Poe: As I turned and closed the door, I heard a louder knocking that seemed to come from the window. I went to investigate, but it must have been the wind and nothing more!

What is a concluding stanza?

The concluding stanza of a poem is an ENVOI

How do you identify the stanza in a poem?

a stanza is a "paragraph" in a poem.

What does stanza mean in sports?

stanza mean in sports

A poem's version of a paragraph is known as a what?


What are the different kinds of stanzas?

1.Couplet a two line stanza 2.Triplet (Tercet) a three line stanza 3.Quitrain a four line stanza 4.Quintet a five line stanza 5.Setstet (Sextet) a six line stanza 6.Septet a seven line stanza 7.Octave an eight line stanza

Is tercet a six-line stanza?

No. A tercet is a three-line stanza. A sestet is a six-line stanza.

What is an Alexandrian stanza?

An Alexandrian stanza is a stanza which when read forward, backward, or across, it still spell the same thing.

What is the second last stanza of a poem called?

the penultimate stanza

Which of the following is not characteristic of the ballad stanza?

five line stanza

What is eight line stanza?

An octet is an eight line stanza.

What is the pattern of stanza by which a poem is built called?

a stanza structure