94 z28 Camaro

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What do you need to know about a 94 Z28 camaro?

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Q: 94 z28 Camaro
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Will a 97 Camaro z28 door fit a 94 Camaro z28?


Is your 94 camaro a rs or z28?

There was no RS Camaro in 1994.

Will a rear end from a 94 camaro z28 fit a 99 z28?


Will the instrument cluster out of a 94 z28 fit in a 94 v6 camaro?


What transmission comes in a automatic 94 z28 camaro?

4l60e transmission and they suck i own a 94 z28 replaced 3 of em

What gears does a 94 Z28 camaro have?

3.42 should be stock.

94 camaro z28 has voltage to fuel pump?

Yes, it does.

Will 98 camaro leather seats fit a 94 z28?


Can 94 z28 Camaro seats be interchanged with 97 z28 Camaro seats?

yes it should bolt right in, if not just switch the bracket on the bottom of the seat

Is your 94 Camaro really a SS or just a Z28?

That's easy because there was no Camaro SS in 1994

How do you replace distributor cap on 94 camaro z28 5.7liter?

What about the timming

What automatic came in 1994 z28 camaro?

4L60E came in 94+

What size engine does the camaro 94 z28 conv have?

350 LT1

How much torque does a 94 z28 camaro have?

325 @ 2000rpm

Hosepower of 94 Camaro with a 5 speed?

If it's a stock 94 3.4 camaro then it will be 160 hp,if it's a stock 94 5.7 (lt1) z28 then it will be 275 hp.

What should the fuel presser be on 94 z28 camaro?

At least 40 psi

94 camaro z28 speaker size?

the back speaker size is 6.5

Does a 94 ss Camaro have a v8 engine or a v6 engine?

In 1994 there was no SS Camaro. The Z28 had a 5.7 liter V8. The base Camaro had a V6.

Did the 1994 Chevy Camaro Z28 come with the LT1 engine or did it not start until 1995?

94 did come with it. LT1 started in the 93 Z28's it has a strong motor i have a 94 z28 and iv done replaced 3 transmissions

How do you unclog an oil pump on a 94 camaro z28?

you uhh buy a new one

You are 16 How much would insurance be on a 94 Camaro Z28?

Call your insurance company

What would cause a 94 camaro z28 to turn over but have no spark?

burned rotorbug

How do you install chip in 1994 z28?

I have a 94 Z28 Chevy camaro and the question please give detaild insrtuctions on how to intall a performance chip.

How do you replace a 93 Camaro z28 lt1 water pump?

you have to remove the air intake and its right under there..but of course its room to work on those big of motors in a camaro lol.....i got a 94 z28

What is faster a 94 camaro z28 or a 99 trans am?

the 99 trans am should be faster as I believe it has a few more horsepower than the 94.