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i had a 98 2.4 auto and that happened to me a few times. it ended up heing the battery terminal. i guess without constant battery, that car dies. check that.

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โˆ™ 2008-01-20 05:31:39
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Q: 97 cavalier 2.4 automatic dies while being driven down the road what could it be checked the fuel injectors fuel filter fuel pump what else is left?
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What makes injectors pulsate on a 89 Toyota pick up truck?

all gasoline injectors are driven by the ecm, or engine control module.

Renault megane injection fault?

it means that you should change the 4 injectors, if Megane has driven more than 180000 km it means that the injectors are amortizised.

What is a fuel rail pressure sensor?

This is a device that measures the pressure of the fuel that is to be delivered to the fuel injectors. This measurement is used by the engine control computer to determine how long the injectors need to be driven open to deliver a specific amount of fuel.

Can a smart car be driven fully automatic?

No it runs partially on gas with a 8.7 gallon tank.

Can you turn the automatic seatbelts off on a Ford Escort?

All you have to do is pull the fuse. They are electrically driven.

Wears the water pump on Chevy Cavalier 97?

It's one of your belt driven accessories-that's a starting point.

Why would the belt be smoking on a 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier z24?

Normal cause of a belt smoking is that one of the driven pulleys has siezed.

Why would my Honda Prelude only starts when its not been driven after you have driven after you have driven it and switch off you need to wait for 5 - 10 minutes for it to start?

There could be an issue with your starter or the starter solenoid. Have it checked, but either part might need to be replaced.

1992 Chevy cavalier making a noise where the belts are?

Worn or glazed belt? Loose belt? Worn bearing on belt driven accessory?

Where is the oil pump on a 97 Chevy Cavalier?

the oil pump is in the middle of the inside of the oil pan. It is driven off of the camshaft via a driveshaft.

How frequently should the pollutant checked in a car?

The emissions are checked every time the car is driven. The car self checks itself constantly. If a problem occurs the check engine light will illuminate.

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Why would 2003 cavalier vibrate when started and continue vibration when driven?

Try changing spark plugs. Blow out dirt around plugs first.

What could be causing a vibration on a 1994 Chevy Berettawhen the car starts or is put into gear or is driven?

Ptobably a motor or trans mount. Have them checked out.

Where is the water pump located and how do you replace it on a 1995 Chevy Cavalier?

It is behind the timing belt cover and is driven by the timing belt. There are various arrangements according to which engine is fitted.

How do you fix a high idle in a 95 cavalier when started idels at about 1000-1500 then when driven a block goes down to normal?

Could be a Throttle Position Sensor.

Does the 1991 Polaris 250 trail boss 2x4 come with an auto or manual transmission?

It has a belt driven automatic transmission. Similar to a snowmobile.

How do you set the timing on a 1997 Chevrolet Cavalier ls?

You dont! The timing is fixed and is driven off of a crank sensor on the back of the engine. All timing adjustments are computer controlled.

Does the 1994 Toyota Rav 4 Automatic have a timing belt or a chain?

1994 Rav 4 engine code 3S-FE Is belt driven.

Saab 9-3 check engie light on Transmission light on Car can be driven manually but automatic starts in fourth gear What is the problem?

The transmission computer has detected a problem and set a code. It also has enter failsafe mode and locked itself in 4th gear. Have the system checked for codes. That will tell you or the mechanic what the computer thinks is wrong.

How do you check the atf level in the automatic gearbox of your 1992 Honda CRX del sol should it be checked hot or cold in gear or neutral etc?

The fluid in most automatic transmissions are checked while the transmission is in park, while the engine is hot and at idle. Best thing to do is check it after you have driven somewhere. When you get home, don't turn the car off, pop the hood, pull the dipstick and check the fluid reading. If you need to add fluid, do it slowly...maybe half a pint at a time. You do not want to over fill it. Usually fluid is added right down the same tube where the dipstick goes. Good luck.

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Why does a 1992 Olds Ninety-eight stall after it has been driven awhile?

have your oxygen sensor checked or replaced. we had the same issue on ours and replacing the o2 sensor fixed the problem

How does one fix a 1994 Cavalier when the heat doesn't work except for the first time it is driven after the antifreeze is added or changed?

your heater core might be plugged(probable), or thermostat may not be opening all the way

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