ARe there three hump camels?


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No, there is not a camel species that has three humps. The humps on a camels back actually help reserve fats.


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three humped camels DO NOT exsit. camels only have one or two hump (s).

a camels hump is hump is quite heavy

The purpose of a camels hump is to store water

One hump camels, or 'Dromedary' camels come from the Middle-East.

You can find two (2) hump camels in the desert.

You can find hump camels in the Arabic deserts.

a hump (or two if they are bactrian camels) stores fat, which metabolises for energy. It does not hold water!

people think that camels store water in their hump but they can't. They get food and water from natural resources and the hump is merely fat. though they can survive without water for three weeks.

no baby camels do not have a hump on there back

They only have one hump!

Not really. If you are referring to a hump similar to one of a camels, then no.

no they are not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it is his last hump:)

two hump camels are called "bactrian camerls" and are generally found in asia.

Different species of camel - dromedary camels have one hump, bactrian have two.

No. Though llamas in the same family as camels, they do not have the hump.

Dromedary camels are not endangered. Dromedary camels are the camels that have one hump. Bactrian camels are endangered. These camels have two humps.

Hump is to store water and food. camels can survive on desert relying on energy being converted from water and food.

Camels can carry up to two people on the hump.

a camels main feature is it collects water in its hump... :)

No. Camels have crooked spines, even though they have a hump.

They store it in their hump.

camels breath through their two humps they breath in through the first hump nd breath out through their second hump!

none because in the hump it only has fat

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