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A 24 ft by 54 inch pool is how many gallons?


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To calculate volume, you need three measures: length, width, and height (or depth). In your question you only have two measures.


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It holds 4.987 gallons for every inch the water is deep.

How many gallons of water in a 24 Round pool

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18.264 gallons of water im not tottlaly shur but its my guess

If the bottom is flat and level, then it takes 239.38 gallons for each inch of the water's depth.

A pool this size contains 9,353 gallons of water when filled to a depth of 52 inches.

This pool has a capacity of about 13,540 gallons of water.

I have a intex 24 by 52 and it hold 12,481 gallons of water

This pool can hold up to 16,964 gallons of water.

1 gallon = 231 cubic inches(48 x 24 x 16 / 231) = 79.792 gallons (rounded)

A 24-foot round pool with 50 inches of water in it is holding about 14,158 gallons.

How many gallons will fit into a 24 foot diameter x 4 foot high round swimming pool

If 24 inches is the diameter, there are 141,004 gallons of water. If 24 inches is the radius, there are 564,018 gallons of water.

If its an oval pool approx 7800 gallons at full capacity. If its rectangular pool then approx 9000 Gallons.

A pool that is 24 by 4ft could hold an approximately 11,848 gallons of water when total full.

If it's a circular pool and 24 is the diameter and 4 is the depth then about 1,808.64 gallons of water would fit.

A 24 feet round pool that is 54 inches high holds aproximatelly 15,000 gallons.

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