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beer nuts

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Q: A German tradition is to hide a certain food in a tree and the first one to find it gets a special gift. What food do they hide?
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Why is the German pickle tradion a pickle?

The pickle tradition is that the parents hide the pickle on the Christmas tree after the family decorates it. Then, the first child to find the pickle receives an extra present or a special treat. Oddly enough when research was done to discover the origin of this tradition in Germany, most all Germans questioned about the tradition had never heard of it.

Why do the Germans have a tradition that who ever finds the pickle on the tree first gets to opentheir present first?

well,I'm German & I've never heard from such a tradition... sry, would be funny :D

What culture brought the tradition of Christmas trees to the United States?

THE GERMAN first brought the Christmas trees in UNITED STATES

What is a Schultuete?

It is a German tradition for children consisting of a large cone that is filled with candy and toys for a child's first day of school.

What is the first letter in the German alphabet?

A. The German language uses the Latin alphabet, just as English does, with the addition of a few special letters.

In what year did the Hebrew people first live in Israel?

No one knows for certain, but Jewish tradition places the time of Abraham at around 1800 BCE.No one knows for certain, but Jewish tradition places the time of Abraham at around 1800 BCE.

How many of the people living in Germany speak German as their as their first language?

German nationals make up 91% of the population so one can be certain that 91% of the people in Germany speak the language as their first language.

When did wearing a corsage on special occasions first become common?

Wearing a corsage on special occasions became popular hundreds of years ago. The tradition is still in practice today and is especially popular during prom season.

What is the first form of communication?

Oral tradition was the first form of communication. Oral tradition and body motions that is.

Is it true that a German tradition is that they get a pickle and hide it in their Christmas tree and who ever finds it first gets to open the first gift?

Yes, but often, it is not a real pickle. It is usually a Christmas ornament that looks like a pickle. They are usually made of blown glass.

What was the first Christmas tree decorated with?

An internet search indicates that how the first Christmas tree was decorated is subject to conjecture. In fact, where the tradition started is not certain either. One site indicates the first Riga tree might have been decorated with paper flowers.

Was the scripture written before tradition began?

If you are talking about the Bible and Catholic tradition then yes the Bible came first and tradition came second