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light; all waves in the EM(electromagnetic) spectrum, including visible light, do not need a medium to travel in

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That statement assumes that every wave needs a medium, which is a false assumption. An electromagnetic wave, such as light, does not need a medium.

medium is the matter a wave trvels through

Waves do not need a medium all depends like u need no medium when it is electromagnetic wave.

An electromagnetic wave does not need a medium. It is able to pass through a vacumn.

Yes. Sound wave is a mechanical wave and needs a medium.

It is possible for a medium itself to travel, but in that case case it isn't called a wave, but a current. For example, water flowing in a river.

electromagnetic. for example, light.

any wave of energy except for electromagnetic waves need a medium to travel through.

An electromagnetic wave does not need a medium through which to travel. This includes light, radio, TV, X-4ay, etc. The wave contains its own medium which is a photon.

yes, a mechanical wave needs a medium to move through and a electromagnetic wave doesn't need a medium

Radiation doesnt need a medium because it travels through space

There does not need to be a medium for some kinds of waves.

None. Electromagnetic wave do not need a medium to propagate through.

You need to specify the type of wave. medium

Wave is nothing but a transferring of disturbance. So it needs a medium. But if medium is to be material then the wave is named as mechanical wave. If medium is not to be a material and if free space is enough then the wave is found to be electromagnetic. Sound is a mechanical wave and light is an electromagnetic wave

A medium and a pressure differential

If the wave requires a medium then it is a mechanical wave.

Yes, a sound wave is a mechanical wave. Sound waves need a medium (like air) to travel through. The energy of the wave, the mechanical energy, is transferred into the medium through which it is propagated.

Radiation energy does not need medium for transfer.

They need a medium to propagate through.

No. The wave travels through the medium but the medium does not travel with the wave. Rocks or bone can be the medium for sound but the rock does not move with the sound

medium (plural media). Note that a wave does not always need a medium. Most do, but light (electromagnetic waves) does not.

Electromagnetic waves do not need a medium in which to travel. They move "best" through a perfect vacuum.