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Start with you home county community college. Most community colleges offer an associate degree particular to medical assisting.

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Q: A assistant in high school wanting to become a medical assitant?
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Do you need CPR to become a medical assistant?

Yes, you will need CPR to become a medical assistant.

Does medical assistant can become physician assistant?

Sure, a medical assistant can become a physician's assistant if they go back to school and complete a physician's assistant program.

How long it takes to get a degree on medical assistant in Everest university?

how long does it take to become a medical assistant

How can I become a medical assistant?

It depends on where you trying to be an medical assistant at. Most medical assistant get paid anywhere from $750 to $800 weekly and some get paid monthly.

How do i become a certified medical assistant?

To become a certified medical assistant, you need to first pass the required coursework depending on your state. Then, you need to take the certification exam.

What skills do you need to become a medical assistant?

link on right --->

What skills do you need to become a medical assistant in healthcare?


How can you become grandfathered in as a medical assistant?

I am trying to find out the answer to this question, not answer it!

Where can I get my medical assistant license ?

Different programs offer licensing to become a medical assistant. One school in particular that I found, is Washington University. They have a medical program and do offer a medical assistant license if that is what someone is interested in taking.

How can I get a career as a medical assistant?

Usually you must go to college to get a degree to become a medical assistant. In some cases you maybe able to receive on the job training to become one.

How do I get Medical Assistant certification for working in a hospital?

You can get a medical assistant certification for working in a hospital by first meeting the qualifications to become a medical assistant. You need attend a school and take a state test also.

Where can I find online medical assistant classes? this is a great website to help you find what you need to become a medical assistant. its quick and easy to do! you should try it out!

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