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Start with you home county community college. Most community colleges offer an associate degree particular to medical assisting.


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Sure, a medical assistant can become a physician's assistant if they go back to school and complete a physician's assistant program.

Yes, you will need CPR to become a medical assistant.

It depends on where you trying to be an medical assistant at. Most medical assistant get paid anywhere from $750 to $800 weekly and some get paid monthly.

To become a certified medical assistant, you need to first pass the required coursework depending on your state. Then, you need to take the certification exam.

Different programs offer licensing to become a medical assistant. One school in particular that I found, is Washington University. They have a medical program and do offer a medical assistant license if that is what someone is interested in taking.

Usually you must go to college to get a degree to become a medical assistant. In some cases you maybe able to receive on the job training to become one.

You can get a medical assistant certification for working in a hospital by first meeting the qualifications to become a medical assistant. You need attend a school and take a state test also.

I am trying to find out the answer to this question, not answer it! this is a great website to help you find what you need to become a medical assistant. its quick and easy to do! you should try it out!

Certified Medical Assistant takes 2 years.

yes you can get a nursing assitant training online. if you take an online college you can become an certified nursing assistant right from your home. i suggest using fast internet so that you do not have any lag getting your certification

To become a medical assistant (MA) or certified medical assistant (CMA), one needs to attend a school that has a one year program or complete a two year associates degree. Both traditional community colleges and trade schools offer medical assistant programs. To find out what the programs entail one would speak to a counselor at any institution offering MA or CMA coursework.

The best place to take classes to become a medical assistant may be found in several universities and medical schools which can search via the internet or by various social media.

Well, there are a lot of things you can do online nowadays, and becoming a medical assistant is one of them. A link to a site like should work.

In order for you to become a certified nursing assistant, you need to go through many years of medical school and pass many tests in order to get the degree you need to be a certified nursing assistant.

To become a physician assistant, you must have a bachelor degree, and some experience in the medical field. After that, you can take an educational degree to become a physician assistant. It usually takes about 2 years.

To become a medical assistant there are many online and local schools that have medical assistant programs. Each state has different requirements for certification.

Medical assistant training is widely available; you can go to an accredited school in this field or take online courses. All this information can be found online.

You'd get an undergraduate degree, go to medical school, then get a physician's assistant license, do an internship, and get your medical license.

All states require certification as a medical assistant since your job entails giving shots and taking readings for blood glucose. Check with health department for the state of New Jersey to check the req's for being a medical assistant.

You can go to Pima Medical Institute and get a certificate for Veterinary Assistant in 30-34 weeks

Yes, you can, however, you would have to be accepted into that program and complete all the requirements for physical therapy.

You are gong to need to get your medical degree from a medical school. You will also have to complete your residency.

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