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After the 5th bounce, it peaks at 0.168 meter. Nice problem.

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Q: A ball dropped from a height of 10 meters and bounces up to a height of 7 meters Assuming that the height before each bounce remain in the same ratio after how many bounces will the ball be below 2?
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How does the height a boucny ball is dropped from effect the height it bounces to?

The higher the height the ball is dropped from, the higher the height it will bounce to.

How does the height of a ball dropped affect the number of bounces it will make?

its weight aslo effects the bounce its weight aslo effects the bounce

Does size effect how high a ball bounces?

Yes if the ball is bigger it weighs more and the more weight the ball has the higher it will bounce but the height its dropped from also has to do with the how high it bounces Yes if the ball is bigger it weighs more and the more weight the ball has the higher it will bounce but the height its dropped from also has to do with the how high it bounces

How high does a rubber ball bounce?

A rubber ball bounces depending on how high its dropped from and what type of surface it hits.

What does a bounce pass mean?

A bounce pass is when you pass the ball to another person on your team and it bounces at least once before they catch it.

What is the plural form of bounce?

The plural form of bounce is bounces

Does the size of a ball effect how high it bounces?

Not to any appreciable extent. Bounce is caused by the elasticity of the material comprising the ball and the surface on which it is bounced.For example, on concrete a basketball will bounce higher than a baseball, but a golf ball--How high it bounces depends on how much force you exert on it. If you only let it drop, it will not bounce higher that the point you dropped it from and every time it bounces, it will go less and less high. anyway, the bigger the ball, the more force you will have to exert on it to make it bounce higher than the point it was dropped, or "bounced" from.

Does the height from which a ball is dropped affect how high it bounces?

Yes because of the balls energy, potential that turns into kinetic that makes a ball bounce.

What factors affect the bounce of a dropped ball?

The factors that affect the bounce of a dropped ball include...... the height from which it is dropped; the force applied to it, if any, when dropped; the acceleration of gravity, which is different depending upon what planet you're on ; the elasticity of the ball; the density of the atmosphere, which affects "air resistance"; and the rigidity and elasticity of the surface on which the ball bounces.

How many bounces are allowed on the court before a point is won in tennis?

Only 1 bounce. If it bounces twice on your side, you've lost that point.

Will a AA battery bounce if it is dead?

If you mean bounce as like a rubber ball bounces, the answer is no. An AA battery will behave exactly the same if dropped regardless if it's fully charged or completely empty.

Does the ball have to bounce before being hit?

No, that would be perfectly legal. Hitting the ball before it bounces is called a volley.

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