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This bitter chemical compound is called a base. Bases can react with acids to form salts as well as cause other chemical reactions.

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What is a bitter chemical compound which turns red litmus paper blue?

Acid or Base Is the bitter chemical compound :)

What ls litmus paper's chemical name?

It doesn't have one. The substance that makes litmus paper litmus paper as opposed to just - well, paper - is called "litmus" and it isn't a specific chemical compound but rather a mixture of 10-15 or so different fairly high molecular weight dyes.

Which of the following are properties of bases?

Turn litmus paper blue, Slippery, Tastes bitter (APEX)

Is a base a chemical that turns blue litmus paper red?

no a base turns the red litmus paper blue....

What litmus paper would you use to test for an acid and what is the color change?

Blue litmus paper would be used and if the chemical is an acid the litmus paper would turn red.

What is that piece of paper that you dip in a chemical and it changes colour?

Litmus paper

What is the paper called where you determine if an chemical is an acid or a alkali?

Litmus paper.

How do you tell if something is a base?

We can differentiate bases with acids by physical and chemical features. A base is slippery when added to water and taste bitter A base turns a red litmus paper blue. An acid is sour in taste. An acid turns blue litmus paper red.

What is litmus paper?

Litmus is a natural dye indicator extracted from lichens.They react with acid (blue litmus turns red)& bases(red litmus turns blue) .Paper made with litmus dye indicators are called litmus paper and used in chemical laboratories.

What three Properties are characteristic of a base?

1. It tastes bitter.2. Feels slippery.3. Turns red litmus paper blue.a base is a substance that tastes bitter, feels slippery, and turns red litmus paper blue.

What color is litmus?

Litmus paper can be either blue or red. Typically, blue paper is used in chemistry labs to test for pH of a compound.

I am the type of paper used to determine if a chemical is acid or alkali?

Litmus paper

Toothpaste is a bitter substance and turns litmus paper blue What type of substance is it?

it is an alkali not acid

A compound that changes red litmus paper blue and neutralizes what is it?


What chemical does red litmus paper indicate?

It indicates the bases

Which chemical is used when litmus paper change the colur?


Does litmus paper become colourless in of the chemical reactions?


What compound turns litmus blue?

Bases turn litmus paper blue. They also turn litmus solution ( which is mauve in color originally ) to blue.

What causes litmus paper to change color?

The components of the litmus paper cause a chemical reaction between it and the substance being tested causing the color of the paper to change.

Is turning litmus paper red from blue a chemical change?

yes. it is a chemical reaction

Why do metal oxides turn red litmus blue?

because litmus paper is smeared of some chemical substances which makes litmus paper to change color when reacted with acids or bases

What do the colors of litmus paper indicate?

litmus paper is an indicator which contains a chemical. this chemical breaks down when t comes into contact with an acid or alkali. this results in a color change.. the regular litmus which is usually 2 colors change accordingly: red litmus + acid = blue litmus blue litmus + alkali = red litmus note: using moist litmus paper ensures more accurate results : ) hope this info was useful : ) <3 melody : )

Can litmus paper test for ph values?

No, it can only test whether a chemical is acidic, alkaline or neutral. If it's acidic, it will turn the red litmus paper blue. If it's alkaline, it will turn the blue litmus paper red. But beware, when doing experiment, you must use both of the litmus paper at the same time since if a chemical/solution is neutral, both of the paper won't have any changes.

What compound changes red litmus paper blue and neutralizes acids?

a base

What if the blue litmus paper remains blue?

Then the compound you're dealing with is basic