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Q: A black shirt appears black because all colors are?
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Why does a white shirt appear white?

because the shirt reflects all the colors in light

Why is a blue shirt blue?

your shirt appears blue because that is the color that is being reflected. for example, if a ray of light (the sun) is shining on a shirt then all of the colors of a rainbow are shining on the shirt. all of the colors are being absorbed by the shirt accept blue because blue is being reflected off the shirt and your eye sees the blue being reflected and the shirt appears blue. i hope this helps, it is a confusing subject.

What colors are reflected by a black shirt and a white shirt?

no colors is absorbed by a black shirt but instead it reflects all the colors in the spectrum of light while white shirt absorbs all the color in the spectrum of light.

Why is a red shirt black when it is dark?

A shirt appears red because it reflects red wavelengths from light which falls on it. If it is dark then there is no incident light and so red light for the shirt to reflect to your eyes.

What colors are absorbed by black shirt?

white and something else

What happent if you wear a black t-shirt outside and the sun is out?

You would get really warm because dark colors such as black absorb light/heat.

What colors are absorbed by a black shirt?

white and something else

Why does a red shirt take in more heat?

Because it will absorb all the colors of the light spectrum but red, something like a white shirt would reflect all the colors making it absorb less, a black shirt would take in all the color making it the hottest to wear.

What colour is the ospreys away shirt 2011-12?

The colors were black and purple.

Where can you find a shirt with Black Purple Aqua colors?

Any mall near you =)

What shirt is hot the black or whit shirt?

Black Shirt because it absorbs the suns rays (aka heat) while the white shirt reflects it

Why is a yellow shirt yellow?

Because any pigmented shirt absorbs every color except what it reflects. The color it reflects is the color that appears. So a yellow shirt reflects yellow and appears yellow.