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A box is 25 cm long and 6 cm wide and 4 cm high how many cubic centimeters of water can it hold?


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600, if the seams are water-tight and there are no leaks.

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An 1800cc pan can hold up to 1.8 liters of water. (divide cubic centimeters by 1,000 to get liters)

400. There are 100 cubic cm of water in 1 litre.

A cone that has a radius of 8 centimeters and a height of 10 centimeters can hold: 670.2 cubic cm of water.

6,300: Milliliters and cubic centimeters (cc) are the same.

3500 cubic centimeters will hold 7.3968175 pints.

27,136.3 what's? Cubic inches? Cubic feet? Cubic centimeters?

Assuming that the 512 cubic centimetres refers to the inside measure then the answer is 512 cubic centimetres, of course! Otherwise the answer depends on the thickness of the container.

the unit cubic centimeters, cc's or cm3 is used to measure volume. the displacement of an engine is its volume the cylinders can hold, measured in cubic centimeters (or cubic inches). 1 cubic centimeter= 1 milliliter therefore 1000cc's = 1L.

A foot has 30.48 centimeters = 3.048 decimeters, and a liter is another name for a cubic decimeter. Therefore, a cubic foot = 3.0483 liters, or about 28 liters.

a volume of one cubic centimeters and a weight of one grams when filled with water.(ignoring effects of temperature.

A 15 cubic foot tank will hold a maximum of about 112.2 gallons of water.

A 1-cubic meter tank would hold 264.172 gallons of water.

If you measure your tank in centimeters and then multiply length by depth by height you will get the volume in cubic centimeters. Then all you need to do is divide that amount by 1000ccm which is the volume of 1 litre.

7.48 gallons of water per cubic foot

Exactly one cubic meter of it.

It will hold 538.6 US gallons of water.

This pipe will hold 706.9 cubic meters of water or 186,700 US gallons.

The answer depends on the size (capacity) of the boxes.

1,100 cubic inches holds 609.5 (609.524) ounces of water.

how much water vapor can a cubic meter of air hold at 25 centigrades grades?

water amount = 6 x 4 x 2 cubic feet = 48 cubic feetIt will hold 6*4*2 = 48 cubic feet.

A wrong question. Cubic centimeters means volume and meter means length. volume is not length. There are 1 000 000 cubic centimeters in one cubic meter, if this was the question. Cheers ebs"Cubic centimeter" is a unit of space ... a volume that can hold stuff, like water."Meter" is a unit of length, like the distance from one point to another point.As you can see, they're completely different things, and neither one can beconverted to the other one. No matter how many meters of thread you have,you can never pour a gallon of water into it.

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