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I dont think so but he mite not like the girlfreind.

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godsend in the end it all depends lets make amends the latest trends money she spends the kisses she sends around the bends a hand she will lend to you, my friend. word.

It means that he has no courage to kiss you on live.

See how many kisses she sends you... none - just friends or she really doesn't want to speak to you x - just being polite xx - still just being polite xxx - she probably sends 3 kisses to everyone xxxx - good friends xxxxx - she's starting to really like you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - SHE DEFINITELY LIKES YOU Also, if she sends any kissy faces or love hearts she definitely likes you too.

Countries are limited to teams of four. South Korea always sends four. The United States always sends four. I don't think anyone else ever sends more than two.

It means he regards the recipient with affection. Either he's trying to throw out hints to the recipient or he is trying to fit in with what the recipient usually sends him. Guys don't send these pics to other guy friends, unless they are trying to be humorous.

It means stop waiting for Mr. Right and get on with your life. It also means to create your own happiness- buy your own flowers. If a girlfriend sends you this poem, it means she's tired of the drama in your love life. Move on. Anne Somerford

this website never gives me the answer it always sends me to this

He is tryin to tell u that he likes u more then his girlfriend :) maybe hes a player or hes doin somethin wit his boys..... whu nos

You no wen a man is in love when he sends you flirty texts and will want to hear your feelings. He will start slowly toward you and kisses you. U no he's perfect for you. He is the love of ur life

he/she stares at you all the time, tell's friends to ask you something,sends you secret notes that will only be discussed between the two of you, find hearts drawn all around your name on there folder.

if she stares at you or sits next to you that means she likes you. and if she plays with you that easy make eye contact with her and if she turns away or sends you a smile to u in return of u looking at her she probably likes you.

alyssa said on her twitter that she always sends back a postcard.

it doesnt matter bout the amount it is not gonna make much difference it is the fact dat they like u and send u 1

it can mean alot. 1 it means she likes you 2 she like to send kisses 3 she kissed you goodbye 4 she is saying hi from a kiss. a kiss can mean alot.

It sends you home for example. You are playing a game and you want to go to the main menu you press the home button and it sends you to the main menu of Wii ( The main menu which you always will be on when you turn on the Wii.)

it means either he likes you and would like u as a girlfriend or he is feening if he says it to everyone

First of all, you should not be in contact with you ex, if you two have decided to move on, you should be out there seeing other people. However, in your case it looks like he is still interested in you and wants a comeback.Listen to your heart.

Because of the amount of energy the sun sends out always changes

Greg has two brothers the older one is Rodrick and always dominates Greg. And the younger is Manny. Mom always sends Manny to spy on Greg.

Verify it with whoever sends the check.Verify it with whoever sends the check.Verify it with whoever sends the check.Verify it with whoever sends the check.