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Well,It depends on the age. Im 15 and well I would think the guy is a total jerk, but then again if he doesnt have a relationship going on with girl number one than its not that bad. Still, the guy is wrong for doing girl number one that way. If he was with her than its all eyes on her.

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Q: A boy is flirting with a girl and he stares at another girl that is not looking at him but when she looks at him he stares in her eyes ignoring the girl next to him what does this mean about the boy?
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Is the guy you like flirting with you if he stares at you and looks straight at you?

That probably would not be considered flirting but he might like you. It all depends on how he is looking at you. For example, if he is smiling and trying to get your attention, then he is most likely flirting. However if he is just looking at you, it could mean numerous different things.

When a boy stares at you is that flirting?

No, that's "staring". Staring and flirting are two very different things, if you think about it.

What are signs your crush is flirting with you?

You can tell your crush is flirting with you by the way he acts. If he says good things about you to your face ; he's flirting | if he gets a little envious when you discuss another boy , you know he is | && if he always stares at you or talks to his homies about you constantly , you can definitely tell. [:

What does it mean when a girl stares down when you pass by her?

it either means she is ignoring you or she is embarres to look at you.

If a boy is laughing and then he stops and stares at you and then smile does he like you?

I don't know if he likes you but he was probobly flirting with you:)

What does it mean when a boy stares into your eyes and then start copying what you do?

he's flirting with you... or hes lost in your eyes and wants to be with you

What does it mean if a girl stares at a group of boys for a whille then stares at you we you are not looking at her?

she likes you or you have something funny or disgusting on you

What does it mean when a guy turns around when your flirting with someone else and then turns and stares at your ass?

guys are weird like that,

What if he always stares at you when youre not looking at him?

Its obvious he likes you

What happens you see a guy looking at you and you look at him and he stares away?

He thinks you are ugly, or there is another option, which is he has dirty mental images involving you.

What does it mean when a boy stares at you when your not looking and stares into your eyes and is nice to you but he never talks to you and he has a girlfriend does he like you?

Yes He Does Likes You

What are signs that a guy likes another guy?

If he goes up to another guy and grabs his dick. Or if he is flirting with a guy. ORR if he stares at another guy. i disagree with the last one plenty of guys stare at other guys out of jealousy, bordome, or even wanting to kill them.

What does it mean a girl stares at you and then you stare at her and then she giggles?

She's flirting ... If she giggles like that she may like you and think your funny and cute.

How do you tell if your teacher is flirting?

well i think that when a teacher is doing this, its call flirting like stares at you plays around with you calls you nice things like (your not fat,your skinny, your preatty, ) and stuff like that

What are some signs a guy will show if he's flirting with you?

He always wants to be around you. He talks to you more than his friends. He stares at you. He plays rough with you. He tickles you. He smiles when you catch him looking at you and gets embarrassed. He shows off when you're around.

An intent look what does it means?

An intent look is when someone stares at another person, or stares at an animal, etc.

Whenever I stare at this girl she looks down but when I look away she always stares at me does she like me?

When a girl turns when your looking at her but stares when your not looking means she does like you. The girl is just a little shy.

What is another word for down stares?

dick:] lol

What does it mean when a guy stares at another guy?


How do you know someone wants to kiss you?

If they are flirting with you, stares you in the eyes when you look at them, also if they look at your lips while licking their lips every now and then.

How can you tell if a guy is flirting with you when your 11?

You can tell by if he always stares at you, or messes with you. If he talks to you, don't panic just be yourself and it will all go smooth

A boy stares at you a lot and asks you direcly if you like him and you said no and he stoppe contacting you hmmm does he like you if you start flirting with him?

it might make him feel uncomfortable

What does it mean if a guy stares at you when your talking to another guy?

He has a crush on you!

What does it mean when a girl stares at you nervous?

Means nothing. It could be she isn't even looking at you.

How could you tell a girl likes a boy?

A girl will always talk about him and stares at him or looking for him