A boy is flirting with a girl and he stares at another girl that is not looking at him but when she looks at him he stares in her eyes ignoring the girl next to him what does this mean about the boy?

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Well,It depends on the age. Im 15 and well I would think the guy is a total jerk, but then again if he doesnt have a relationship going on with girl number one than its not that bad. Still, the guy is wrong for doing girl number one that way. If he was with her than its all eyes on her.
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Why do boys stare at girls?

Because they like them; and they might not just be looking at your face ;) Either because they think you are, pretty, they love you, or they think you are ugly.

What does it mean when boys stare at girls?

Answer . \nI'm not sure why this is in the "abused children" section, but it could mean the girl has spinach in her teeth, it could mean he thinks her dress is an awful shade of orange, it could mean he thinks she's ugly, it could mean he thinks she's pretty, it could be him trying to intimidate ( Full Answer )

What makes boys stare at girls?

Answer . Sometimes a group of boys stare because they fancy you or maybe there impressed by the way you dress or behave. Maybe you should try and ask them why they are staring but try not to sound rude. Another reason is they might stare because maybe a rumor has spread and got to them, eg. she p ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when a girl stares at another girl?

It could mean anything, you wouldn't know for sure unless you ask her. She could be zoning out, she could be mesmerized by you. She could be bored and find you to be the most interesting thing in the room. She could be jealous or intimidated by you, or you could just be doing something stupid or f ( Full Answer )

Why do boys always stare at girls?

Well there is a good chance that they do that to check them out or possibly tease the girls! Another reason is that the boys like the girls.

What does it mean when a boy stares at a girl?

He is flirting but if he is staring for more then 2 seconds then earher A. You have something on you. Or he wants a staring contest then you should totally beat him! I hope I helped!

If a boy only stares at a girl it mean that they are in love with that girl?

No, it means he has more of an interest in her then he does other girls. At your age I wouldn't think things like that, it can get really confusing! He may love you, probably just likes you more then others do :) No, it means he has more of an interest in her then he does other girls. At your age I ( Full Answer )

What does it mean if you stare at a boy and he looks at you?

seriously, probably nothing. staring is overly analyzed when it usually doesn't mean anything. Oh if you mean you were staring at boy (presumably that you like) and he looked at you, then he may have felt like someone was staring at him and he wanted to know who it was. Hey don't stare too much or h ( Full Answer )

If a boy is staring into a girls eye what is he thinking about?

How beautiful they are and how happy they are to have her in their life When guys look at girls into the eye (they really don't think that what the person, wrote above.). Guys aren't the type of people girls describe them to be. The only romantic thing that's really going to come out of a guys m ( Full Answer )

What is a boy thinking about when he smiles and stare into a girls eyes and look away?

Okay I am only 11 an d a half but people date in my school so from a GIRLS point of veiw he is thinking does she like me that mean he scared to come up to u and say hi and say i like or your pretty get it and i have so many boys in my class that the stare at me and when a look a them then just quick ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when a boy looks at his penis and then look at your lips and he looks at your boobs then he stares into your eyes?

I'm guessing you were wearing clothes when this happened, well likely he was just looking down and not thinking of anything when you though he was looking at his crotch, if he was looking at that I'd guess his balls were itching and he didn't want to itch in front of a girl, looking at your lips eth ( Full Answer )

A boy tells his friend he doesnt like her and is not his type but he then blushes and looks really interested when he hears about the girl and wenever he see's her he stares what does this mean?

It means that he knows his friends will think the girl is too "low" for him. Insted of admitting that he like her, he would rather seem cool to his friends and just watch her. Its true. When a guy like you but is too scared to ask you out because he is afraid of getting rejected just talk to him, bu ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when a boy stares at a girls butt and then stare at her lips?

As a guy, i admit i do this. When a guy stares at a girls butt, it means he is attracted to you. When he stares at your lips, he is hinting that he wants to kiss. I don't know if you are in a relationship with this guy, but if you are, take the risk when he stares at your lips and kiss him! Guys mak ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when a boy asks you questions about you and talk to you and stare into your eyes and laugh at one of your jokes next day he talks to a different girl?

This type of behavior from a boy means that he is not boyfriend material he is a play boy looking for the first girl who will give it up. So he will smile in every girl face until one gives him some sex. Leave him alone he will only break your heart look for the early warning signs and keep it movin ( Full Answer )

When your 10 why does a boy stare at a girl?

1) The boy likes the girl. 2) The boy is annoyed by the girl. 3) Something is "off" with the girl's appearance (ex: booger, prettier than usual) 4) The boy is physically unable to talk and is trying to get the girl's attention. 5) The boy was watching something in the distance but the girl just step ( Full Answer )

Why boys staring girl?

Girls are cute, and are going through the same growing patterns as boys. They also have boobs and boys like looking at them.

What does it mean when a boy stares into a girls eyes for a long time?

if he stares into ur eyes wierd, hes just nervous cause he likes you, if he looks at you like all big and stuff, he might like you. Like the guy before me said, he may like you. But don't jump to conclusions. He could be joking around. I know this sounds funny, but many guys like to do stuff just t ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when a girl stares into your eyes?

well if i ever stare into a boys eyes its usual if i like their eyes , sometimes if im having a convo or most of the time its when i fancy them, you should speak to the girl and ask her anout it

Why do boys look into a girls eyes?

The eyes are the window into the soul, but looking into someones eyes isn't really that uncommon in any conversation, in fact you'll find some people even think it's rude when people don't look them in the eye when they are conversing. If you're asking why they stare meaningfully into your eyes, it ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when a boy stares into your eyes and you ask him what is he looking at?

Well, some guys simply think that a girls eyes are the key to their personality. Some guys will use really weird terms to describe your eyes, like "They look like outer space," or, "It's like an abyss, and I can't seem to get out." Here is what your eye color may say about you... Blue: A girl that ( Full Answer )