A cell contains?


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Thousands of different kinds of enzymes, each promoting a different chemical reaction.

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A dry cell; it contains chemical energy.A dry cell; it contains chemical energy.A dry cell; it contains chemical energy.A dry cell; it contains chemical energy.

A wet cell A cell that contains a solid electrolyte is a dry cell.

The nucleus of a cell contains chromatin.

The nucleus which is inside the cell contains the DNA

A cell structure that contains DNA is the nucleus.

what is the name of the plant cell that contains starch and what does it do

The part of a cell that contains organelles is called the cytoplasm in Eurkaryotic cells

No. If a cell contains a nucleus, it must be a eukaryote.

The nucleus of the cell contains DNA and the nucleoli.

The nucleus in a eukaryote cell contains the DNA.

The cell nucleus is the control center of the cell, and contains DNA.

an amoeba cell is a cell that contains a pseudopod

A cell such as a somatic cell that contains two sets of chromosomes is said to be a diploid.

The nucleus is the organelle that contains the genetic material of a cell.

Contains by a male before intercourse and by a female after intercourse

DNA is the molecule that contains the hereditary information of a cell.

Cell vacuole contains water and dissolves minerals.

The nucleus contains a cells DNA in a eukaryotic cell

The vacuole contains the cell sap which supports the plant cell. The cell wall of the plant cell supports it and gives it a regular shape too.

The nucleus of a cell contains the nucleolus.

an animal cell contains a nucleus as does the plant cell. the plant cell contains a cell wall but the animal cell contains a cell membrane. they bothe have the same purpose to protect the inner layer of the cells. a plant cell has a vacoule which is a storage area for cytoplasm and an animal cell does not. a plant cell also contains chloroplast which is a pigment to give the plant cells its green color.

Plant cells have a permanent large vacuole, which contains cell sap to maintain a favourabel osmotic balance in the cell.

Cytoplasm contains all the living material in the cell.

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