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Q: A cook that was born in 1912 and was on The French Chef show?
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What the difference between a chef and a cook?

A chef is typically the head of the kitchen or a station in the kitchen. Chef is the french word for chief. A cook is some one who cooks on the line. A cook, cooks to live. A chef, lives to cook.

How do you spell chief cook?

The "chief cook" in a kitchen is the "head chef" (French Chef de cuisine).

What is the french spelling of the word chef?

the French word for chef or chief cook are "chef / chef cuisinier" "cuistôt" is another familiar spelling in spoken French: le cuistôt, le chef cuistôt

When was Leonard Cook born?

Leonard Cook was born in 1912.

When was Melville Cook born?

Melville Cook was born in 1912.

What is the french term for chef?

the French word for chef or chief cook are "chef / chef cuisinier" "cuistôt" is another familiar spelling in spoken French: le cuistôt, le chef cuistôt

What is another word for a cook?

A "Chef" (origin: French)

What is the percent rate of becoming a chef?

can you cook? if so then your a chef :) now just find a company to cook for and your a chef for them, so if your a chef then you can cook and if you can cook then your a chef but if your not a hired as a chef your just a cook so if you think about it your not a chef your a cook until when you get hired then your no longer a cook your a chef but not for yourself because then you'd be a cook but now your a chef for them... not a cook

When was Robert A. Cook born?

Robert A. Cook was born on 1912-06-07.

When was Brian Kemball-Cook born?

Brian Kemball-Cook was born in 1912.

What is another name for a French cook?

A chef? I don't really know.

What are the release dates for French Food at Home - 2006 Cook for a Chef 3-8?

French Food at Home - 2006 Cook for a Chef 3-8 was released on: USA: 5 October 2009

What are all the occupations that have 4 letters?

chef, cook, maid

What are they saying in iron chef quiz an?

Allez cuisine, it means to cook, let's cook, or start cooking, in French.

When was Laura May Cook Ingram born?

Laura May Cook Ingram was born in 1912.

Is Julia Child a chef?

Yes. She "taught the world how to cook the French way".

What is the feminine gender of chef?

Obviously "chef" is common whether male or female

What is a french word meaning cook?

Cuire - to cook (verb)Chef- cook (noun)

What do you do if your a chef?

If you are a chef, you cook.

What is 'chef de stage' when translated from French to English?

"Chef intern" is an English equivalent of the French phrase chef de stage. The masculine singular prepositional phrase translates literally as "cook of internship (on-the-job training)" in English. The pronunciation will be "shef duh stazh" in French.

What are facts about being a chef?

There is a difference between a chef and a cook. A chef is someone who creates dishes, a cook is someone who cooks them.

What is the opposite gender of cook?

There is no opposite, a "cook" may be male or female.

How do you say chef or cook in Filipino?

Tagalog translation of CHEF OR COOK: kusinero

What are 10 steps to became a chef?

As far as I know, to be a chef there arent any steps. To be a chef, you only have to cook for a living. I went looking for the same answer. I cook for a living, but never considered myself a chef. But no training or whatever makes you a chef. Just cook for a living.

Who makes more money a pastry chef or a cook chef?

pastry chef