A decision of the us supreme court can be overturned by?

A later decision, or refinement ruling of the same court; or a ruling of that same court based upon a new or amended law to comply with that ruling.

For example:
John burns the US Flag on the steps of the State Capital. The State arrests him because the state amended its constitution based on a previous decision by the US Supreme court that flag burning is protected speech, thereby making flag burning unlawful. The US Supreme court would rule that the amendment violates the US Constitution (which is superior) and strike down the state amendment. The State then writes a law that John has to buy a permit to burn the flag in any form of protest. The US Supreme Court would uphold that law as long as it did not: 1) discriminate in who the permits were issued to, or 2) make the cost or time involved in issuance of the permit unbearable (too much to afford). **Please note this is just a simple example and involves a lot more than is illustrated.

FOR PLATO - an amendment to the constitution