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Accuracy :D

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Q: A description of how close a measurement is to the true value of the quantity measured?
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Precision is a measure of how close a result or measurement is to the accepted value of the quantity being measured?


How close a measured quantity is to the actual or known value?


What is accuracy?

Precision -- the degree to which the result of a measurement, calculation, or specification conforms to the correct value or a standard

How close is your estimated value to be measured temperature of the water?

Depends on you

What reflects how close a measurement is to the true value of the thing being measured?


How close the measured value is the the accepted value?

This value is variable, for each type of measurement.

The closeness of a measurement to its actual value is a measurement is called?

It's signature figures

How is it possible to get three precise but inaccurate measurement of the same volume of water?

Definition of Precision: Referring to how close a group of measurements are to each other. Accuracy: Refers to how close the measurement is to the true or accepted value. If the volume of the water was 20 L and I measured it wrong one and got 19, measured it again and got 19, and then measured it a third time and got 19, that would be a PRECISE measurement, since you got the same result three times in a row. It's INACCURATE because it isn't the CORRECT measurement. Hope that helped!

What is a measurement close to true size?

A measurement close to true size is referred to as Precision Measurement.

What is accuracy in measurement and instrumentation?

Accuracy in measurement and instrumentation refers to how close a measured value is to the true or known value. It is a measure of systematic error, which denotes how well the instrument or measurement device is calibrated and free from biases. The accuracy is usually expressed as a percentage of the measuring range or as a specified number of units.

How close a measurement is to an accepted?

When measuring, there are two types of deviation, accuracy and precision. A measurement is close to the accepted value when it his highly accurate.

How close a measurement is to the actual value?

This is termed the accuracy of the measurement.