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The question needs clarification.

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Connecticut laws about dogs left in car?

can you leave a dog in a car alone while grocery shopping

Is leaving a dog in the car alone illegal?

Under certain conditions, it could lead to animal cruelty charges.

Do pomeranian dogs like to be alone?

No. Actually, there is no dog that likes to be alone.

What is the legal age to be left alone in a car?

well why would somone be alone in a car? and its 21

What does a dog do when he is alone?

it will get bored and anxious

If a dog were in the middle of the woods all alone would it attack you?

it would not attack you because the dog would be all alone DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

How long can a dog be alone with out getting depressed?

about 5 minutes alone they get depressed

What does it mean if a dog stops wagging their tail?

If your Dog or a Dog stops wagging its tail that means it wants to be left alone because its tired and want's some alone time.

How long can you leave your dog home alone for?

When your dog is 6 months old, you can leave it home alone for 4 hours, give or take.

Does a male dog leave a female dog alone when she is not in heat?

almost always

How many days can a dog be left alone for?

None. A dog should not be left alone for more than 8 hours, assuming it has water available.

Can 16 year olds drive alone in a car?

The real answer is no u cant drive alone in a car if u r 16 and alone 18 years and liecens

Does Inuyasha have car or dog ears?


You had your female dog fixed but your male dog wont leave her alone what can you do?

If your male dog is not already neutered, neuter him.

What rhymes with gnar dog?

hard dog scar dog car dog star dog

Can a dog be left for 8-10 hours alone?

A house-broken adult dog can be left alone for hours but a puppy or young dog, although it can also be left alone for hours, should be contained in an area where it cannot do damage. If a dog is to be left alone outdoors, it should have adequate shelter from the elements provided for it. An adequate supply of water should be available whether inside or outdoors.

Why does a dog howl while left alone?

Dogs are pack animals and social. When a dog is left alone it voices its concern at being left out of pack activities. Dogs can get used to being left alone for short periods. When your dog howls when you are away it is actually reminding you that you have forgotten it.

How can I stop my dog whimpering in the car he gets excited to get in but as soon as motor starts so does he and it is very distressing?

First (if your dog throws up in the car, this is a bad idea) get your dog in the car. Get something your dog likes: treats, toys, etc. Don't shut the car door, (it might put pressure on the dog) but do keep a leash on the dog. Start the car up (don't mind the beeping of when a car door isn't shut) but get the thing your dog likes and give it to the dog. If the dog jumps out, try it again with the door shut. It worked on my dog. For more info email:

Is it legal to leave your dog home alone?


Should your child walk dog at night alone?


Is female dog likes to be alone?

i think so

Will dog wounds heal back to normal?

Yes. If the dog leves the wound(s) alone

What is the name of a dog without a house?

A homeless dog is a stray

When can children be left alone in the car?


Is it illegal to leave a dog in a car?

newtest3 As far as i know leaving a dog in a car is NOT illegal, as long as the car is not over, or under-heated. I know someone who was arrested for animal abuse, leaving a dog in an overheated car, so i would make sure that the dog is in comfortable conditions.