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A fan-shaped mass of material deposited by a stream when the slope of the land decreases sharply?

Alluvial fans.

How are alluvial fans and deltas different?

The difference between alluvial fan and a delta is that the alluvial fan are fan -shaped mass of deposited by a stream when slope of the land decreases sharply unlike the delta that material deposited at the mouth of stream

A fan shaped mass of material deposited at the mouth of a stream?

its a delta!!

What is an alluveal fan?

Alluvial means deposited by running water. An alluvial fan is a fan shaped mass of alluvium deposited as the flow of a river decreases in velocity.

Why are sewers egg-shaped?

Sewers are egg-shaped because that shape ensures that they are narrower at the bottom. This shape causes water near the bottom to flow faster, reducing the likelihood of solids being deposited. If solids were deposited, the sewer would eventually silt up and become blocked.

Triangle-shaped area formed by deposited silt at the mouth of a river?


What is sand or soil that is deposited at the mouth of a river usually triangular shaped?

A delta is sand or soil alluvial deposit at the mouth of a river and is usually triangular shaped.

A fan shaped mass of mud deposited where a river meets a large body of water is called?


What does malleable mean as a material?

it can be shaped easily with a hammer.

Wind erodes rock and deposits sediment to form?

Landforms shaped or deposited by wind forces are described as aeolian.

A type of sculpture in which material such as clay is shaped or formed?


Why is an energy pyramid shaped as a pyramid?

This is because the farther up you go in the energy pyramid the energy decreases.

What are the branches of the Nile that fan out to form a triangle shaped area of soil deposited by the river?

A delta...known as the Nile Delta.

Is genetic material circular?

Our genetic material is stored in outlet DNA, which is spiral shaped, jot necessarily circular.

What is the earth and sand deposited in the mouth of the river?

The earth and sand deposited there are called "sediments" and they build up to form what is called a "delta"; a triangular wedge shaped like the Ancient Greek letter "D" - hence "delta".

If a material can be shaped or extended by physical pressure which property does the material have?

A substance is considered to be ductile, if it can be hammered out thin or drawn into a wire.

What is a screw and what are its parts?

Are you that dumb?? A screw is a nail-shaped or rod-shaped piece with a spiral groove and a slotted or recessed head designed to be inserted into material by rotating (as with a screwdriver) and used for fastening pieces of solid material together.

What is something that is ductile?

Ductile is something that is easily molded or shaped. Aluminum is an example of a ductile material.

A rocky object that has an irregularly shaped body made of planetary material and orbits the Sun is a?


What material was the egg-shaped submarine made out of?

David Bushnell's Turtle was made from wood.

What is polymorph smart material?

Polymorph is a thermoplastic material that can be shaped and reshaped any number of times. it is normally supplied as granules that look like small plastic beads.

What is the density of a rectangle?

A rectangle is just a geometric shape; it doesn't have a "density".A material shaped like a rectangle can have a density; in this case, the density will depend on what material you are using.

Is playdough malleable?

Any material capable of being shaped or bent or drawn out like playdough, is malleable.

A paving material a dark vicious liquid and broken stone mixed in a factory shaped during paving?


What is nucleoid?

A Nucleoid is a region within a prokaryote cell that is irregularly shaped which contains most or all of the genetic material.