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Mostly a question of water. Easy to replace, almost any Ford keyless entry (grand marquis/thunderbird etc.) fits. Code stays the same, is stored in the ECU unit. : In my opinion and for experience,the key less keypad stop working for the falowing : 1-broken or water : 2-Key pad relay .is located under the dash on the rigth hand corner behind the gloves comparment ,is a black plastic box ,about 4 inches long and 3 inches wide ,,also you will find the sticker with the key less code on it so if you replace it for a new one do not loose the new code numbers because they will be your new entry code .hope this information help .

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2009-02-06 02:52:12
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Q: A friend has a 1983 Lincoln Mark VI and for some reason the key-less entry keypad no longer works any reason why?
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To disable the factory alarm system on a Ford Ranger, you would have to disconnect the remote entry module (REM). However, if you do that, the keyless remote and driver's door keypad will no longer work.

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