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The objects that are interacting are the fruit and the Earth.

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Q: A fruit detached from the plant falls to the ground due to the force of gravity Name the objects interacting in this case due to which the force arises?
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What is energy from gravity?

gravitational potential energy arises from the law of gravity

What exists between any two objects that have mass?

Any two objects with mass will be attracted to each other by gravity, which is a force that arises purely from mass. Any mass is possessed of gravity, and any two masses will be drawn toward each other by this force. But note that gravity isn't strong enough to cause, say, a rock to be attracted to a brick wall. They are attracted to each other by their mutual gravity, but that mutual gravity cannot overcome the other forces acting on them. The gravitational forces acting in this case are very small when we look at the "big picture" here.

What is a non contact force that causes objects with mass to be attracted toward one another?

Gravitational attraction arises as a result of the presence of masses. The magnitude of the force is influenced by the distance between the masses, but the existence of the force is not "due to the distance" in any way.

Is specific gravity a vector or scalar quantity?

Gravity is a force, and forces have magnitude and direction; hence, it is a vector.

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The primary concern of any moon landing is the high velocity involved that arises from the effects of gravity. In order to go to any moon, a spacecraft must first leave the gravity well of the Earth.

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Linear motion occurs when a force acts through the center of gravity of a body. Rotational motion arises due to a force applied anywhere else on the body.

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The portin of the stem where the leaf arises is called the node.

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potential energy arises from the earth through gravitational pull.

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