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A fuse diagram for a 2004 dodge stratus?

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I am trying to find out how to get a fuse diagram for my 2004 Dodge stratus sedan?

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Where is the fuse for lighter in 2004 dodge stratus?

The fuse for the lighter is under the hood inside a square plastic box on the driver's side. On the under side of the lid is a fuse diagram. The fuse is in the shape of a small cube, which I could only find at a dealer.

Where is the Fuse panel diagram 2003 dodge stratus?

its under the plastic casing covering the fusebox and in the owners manual

Can you see a fuse box diagram for 2004 dodge durango?

There is a link to a diagram under related links.

2004 dodge ram 1500 fuse box diagram?

Generally speaking, a 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 fuse box diagram can be found inside the fusebox. The information in it pertains to which fuse corresponds to which part of the vehicle, which is useful when troubleshooting problems.

Where do you find a fuse diagram for a Dodge Stratus?

This can be found in your owner's manual. Don't have one, then get one. Dealer or salvage yard.

Which fuse is for the door ajar for a dodge stratus?

There is no dedicated fuse for the door chime.

Is there a brake light fuse on a 2006 dodge stratus?


1994 dodge dakota fuse diagram?

The fuse diagram on a 1994 Dodge Dakota is located on the inside cover of the fuse panel. It details the location and function of each fuse.

Fuse diagram for 1994 dodge ram 1500 truck?

A fuse diagram, for your 1994 Dodge ram 1500 pickup truck, can be found on the inside cover of the fuse box. The diagram can also be obtained from most Dodge dealerships.

Flasher location for 2004 dodge stratus?

Not sure, But my flashers went out on my 05 stratus and it was a fuse. Fuse box located on drivers side. the area near the door hinge , left side of steering wheel. Replaced the fuse and they worked fine. Hop this helps

2001 dodge neon fuse box diagram?

The diagram is located on the inside of the fuse cover

1995 dodge caravan fuse diagram?

When replacing fuses it is important to know the fuse diagram. The diagram can be found on the back of the fuse panel, or in the owners manual.

Purpose of a tcm fuse on a dodge stratus?

The fuse protects the circuit that powers the transmission control module.

Who has a fuse box diagram for a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Edition?

Try your Dodge/Jeep dealer first

Where can you get a 1990 Dodge Dakota fuse diagram?

You can get a 1990 Dodge Dakota fuse diagram in the owner's manual. You can also find it at select auto part stores.

Where is the fuse box located on a 2004 dodge stratus?

Hi, the fuse box it's located next to the fender of the driver side, on top of the battery, I believe the cover says "Fuse and Relay Center", hope this help.

How to change a fuse for brake light on 2000 dodge stratus?

You need to SWAP THEM!

Fuse panel diagram 2005 dodge durango?

The Diagram is located on the inside of the fuse cover panel in the plastic.

Fuse box diagram 2001 Dodge Intrepid?

There is a diagram in the related links.

Is there a fuse for the blower motor in a 1997 dodge stratus if so where?

It should be a 30 amp fuse in the under dash fuse box.

What causes fuse shortage in 1999 Dodge Stratus?

A short circuit in whatever system the fuse is for. Something is grounding out.

Fuse diagram 2005 dodge sxt van?

A fuse diagram for the 2005 Dodge SXT van can be purchased at your local auto parts store. What each fuse goes to, is typically listed on the fuse box cover lid.

Fuse diagram for 2001 dodge dakota?

The vehicles fuse diagram should be in the vehicles manual and the door of the fuse box. If it is not it can be found on the companies website.

Is there a fuse panel diagram for a 1990 Dodge Dakota?

Yes, there is a fuse panel diagram for a 1990 Dodge Dakota. It is found on the back of the panel cover and it can be found in the owners manual.

How can you find the Dodge neon radio fuse?

Look at the fuse diagram in the owner's manual.